G2G S4E7 – Nintendo Direct – “It looks like if The Legend of Zelda invaded the Island of Misfit Toys”

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Beej is solo this week. Not for a lack of trying. Void’s life got twist turned upside down, and the schedule for us to get back on schedule was pushed back. Then Beej’s internet decided that it didn’t want to stay connected for more than a few minutes at a time, making recording an episode with a guest impossible. Stupid thunderstorms making the power blink.

Regardless, we’ve got an episode in your feed covering the talk of the geeks: last week’s Nintendo Direct.

Oodles of Cool Stuff from Nintendo

The Nintendo Direct on February 13th was chock-full of content that shows 2019 as being potentially the best year yet for Nintendo’s portable console.

Between Yoshi’s Crafted World (whose demo is amazeballs), Fire Emblem Three Houses (which looks to change up the formula the series has stuck with to this point), and The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (it’s so pretty!)…the Switch has a lot going for it.

Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker is getting some DLC, which is neat. Because it’s a Wii U game that was ported to the Switch. The interesting part is that the Wii U version isn’t getting the DLC. So folks with that version miss out. It’s an odd move for Nintendo, considering with games like Breath of the Wild, the DLC was the same for both platforms.

Mario Maker 2 is coming out. Beej wants a Yoshi’s Island palette. That’s it and that’s all.

And that’s not to mention that Nintendo didn’t even mention the upcoming Pokemon Generation 8 game that’s due at the end of this year.

Oh, and we get Joker from Persona 5 in Super Smash Bros Ultimate for sure. That indicates we may be getting P5 Crimson on Switch sometime since he’s not been on a Nintendo platform before — except that he has. Persona 5 is the primary cast of the new 3DS title Persona Q2, and it’s been out in Japan since December and is coming Stateside in June (or July?). So there’s a small chance they’re using that as an in, but who knows? Regardless, Joker in Smash is gonna be awesome.

Third-Party Shenanigans

SquareEnix brought their game: Final Fantasy VII is on its way, Final Fantasy IX dropped in HD on the eshop the day of the Direct, and Dragon Quest XI S got a spectacular presentation.

SE showed that the much-anticipated 2d version of the game (previously only available on the Japanese 3DS version) is coming to Switch. This mode is reminiscent of the SNES DQ games, and Beej can’t wait. He loves old-school RPGs. But you already know that.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is also on the docket, and even though it’s a builder game, and Beej doesn’t really do those, this one looks really neat and the co-op mode means that he might just like it because he can play with Dragon Quest Austin.

And…AND…there’s a new Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon game. Beej has no idea if it’s a remake or a new one, but it looks cool and cute. So he’s on board.

Basically SE showed up. The problem is that the Square side of SquareEnix has been disappointing lately, so we’ll see how things go from here. But the Enix stuff looks fantastic. So at least there’s that.

Nindie Delights

Nintendo highlighted a lot of other games, too, that aren’t just their spectacular first-party titles.

We saw Deltarune, the follow-up to Undertale. We got a glimpse of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and the badassery that is Captain Marvel and her binary form. 

Rune Factory 4 got a special edition, Rune Factory 5 got announced, and the buzz of excitement around both has Beej intrigued enough to give the games a shot. He has no idea if he’ll like them, but everyone else does. So he can’t wait.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is coming out finally, and Beej couldn’t be more excited. He missed the Kickstarter, but the full game is finally on its way, and he…is…stoked. It’s gonna be awesome if last year’s retro-inspired entry to the series was an indication.

And then there’s Astral Chain. It may be the highlight of the show behind Link’s Awakening because it was just such a surprise. We had no idea it was coming (or at least Beej didn’t), and the cyberpunk setting and the frenetic action and what looks like it could possibly be RPG gameplay…my oh my. We can’t wait. That’s the collective we. As in the internet. It’s gonna be great.

Or at least, it better be.

So what’s your take on the February Nintendo Direct? See anything that really piques your interest and makes you want to empty your wallet into the eshop? 

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