King Lucas (Video Game Review)

King Lucas is set in a lighthearted medieval world in which you play a diminutive, money-obsessed knight who is tasked by the eponymous King Lucas to locate his daughter, who is lost within a magical castle with constantly-shifting rooms.

Bucket Knight (Video Game Review)

Quick View: Release Date: February 28, 2020 Price: $4.99 Rating: E10+ (Everyone 10 and up) Platform: Nintendo Switch A code for this game was provided by Pigeon Dev What's It About? Bucket Knight is a classic run-and-gun with pixelated graphics that are sure to keep...

Goblin Sword (Video Game Review)

Quick View: Release Date:  Feb 13, 2020 Price: $4.99 Rating: E (Everyone) Platforms: Nintendo Switch What's It About? Goblin Sword is an action-platformer by Gelato Games that has finally made it onto Nintendo Switch after releasing on mobile a few years ago....