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[Keywords] Persona 4, Yosuke, and Messaging

[Keywords] Persona 4, Yosuke, and Messaging

I'm setting my sights on a particular character, a leading example of the missteps that Persona 4 makes with its…
[Keywords] Komi-san, Gokushufudou, and Single-Concept Comedies

[Keywords] Komi-san, Gokushufudou, and Single-Concept Comedies

Komi(-san) Can't Communicate and Gokushufudou rely on one-joke conceits to keep the audiences entertained. But is it enough? (Spoiler: yes!)
[Keywords] Superstar Saga and Personality

[Keywords] Superstar Saga and Personality

In some ways, Superstar Saga feels like as keen an entry point into turn-based battling as the omnipresent Pokémon. And…

[Keywords] Mobile Suit Gundam and On-Ramps

I thought I might get into Gunpla recently. Sounds reasonable enough - except when it immediately becomes a time trap.

[Keywords] Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 and Perseverance

When the world hits a downturn, people's tastes gravitate toward escapism or tragedy. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 balances the two expertly.

[Keywords] One Week Friends and Distancing

Anime has a tendency to pull some weird concepts out of its collective hat. But among them, One Week Friends…

[Keywords] VA-11 Hall-A and Low Perspective

It's hard for me to consume stories about war; they're simply too far removed from my own experience. Enter VA-11…
[Keywords] Stars Align and Rock Bottom

[Keywords] Stars Align and Rock Bottom

Stars Align is available on Hulu and on Funimation’s website. Everybody loves a comeback story. Someone gets up and fights…

[Keywords] Untitled Goose Game and Expression

Untitled Goose Game is the best role-playing game I played in 2019. Sure, it's billed as a puzzle and a…

[Keywords] Pokémon Twilight Wings and Credit

Pokémon: Twilight Wings is available to watch for free on YouTube. The very first thing to excite me about Pokémon:…

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