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Dragon Quest Around The World: Frostare Interview (Mexico)

This time on Dragon Quest Around The World, I have Frostare from Mexico. Frostare one was of the first people I got to know in the DQ community online, so I'm really glad to get to share their thoughts on the blog today! Austin: First, can you tell everyone about...

Dragon Quest Austin Is Back! (Kind Of)

I know it's been a long time since I've updated Dragon Quest Austin, and people still ask me about it from time to time, but this was originally meant to just be a chronicle of me playing every single DQ game in a single year. I did that, I started the Dragon Quest FM...

How To Play The Dragon Quest Trading Card Game

The Dragon Quest Trading Card Game (DQTCG) has been out for a number of years. Not to be confused with Dragon Quest Rivals or some of the other DQ card games out there, the Dragon Quest TCG (like a lot of Dragon Quest stuff) is only available in Japanese. I couldn't...

Crafting Dragon Quest With Elinzia, The Crafting Rogue

This week on Dragon Quest FM, Austin is sharing co-hosting duties with Elinzia, the Crafting Rogue! This episode is all about crafting DQ goodies, the fandom, and how making your DQ merch can be perfect for getting into Dragon Quest more. From Drackies and Blue Slimes...

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