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S2 E41 – Dragon Quest Tact Early Access Impressions

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Austin had some top secret access on iOS and B.J. got selected for it on Google Play Store. So today, we’re talking about it! Austin was able to write about it for work, so read his ScreenRant article here: https://screenrant.com/dragon-quest-tact-preview-monster-collecting-mechanics/ 

Monsters and Gameplay

It’s like Pokemon meets FF Tactics, but all simplified for a mobile game (for good and bad). Collecting monsters is cool, and it almost makes Austin want a strategy-based combat system in the upcoming Erik and Mia DQM game. Almost.

We love the monster designs. We talk about our favorites. What are yours?

How Long Is the DQ Tact Beta?

Both betas go until Chapter 6, Stage 9. Some minor SPOILERs here. But it’s a mobile strategy game, so it’s not that much.

What Did we like/hate about DQ Tact?

Like: the monster recruiting mechanics and the cast

Hate: the tactics part is pretty surface level. I wish there was more variety in stages, rather than just “oooh look, a barrel is here now.”

Also, HATE all the in-your-face ads and premium stuff that I’m sure will be even worse in the real game.

After playing the beta, I don’t know that I have it in me to play through ALL of that all over again. But maybe.

And remember, next week, is our annual Dragon Quest Special Halloween episode! It’s gonna be so much it’s…scary!

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