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Dragon Quest VII Art and Yuji Horii Interview

Recently, I purchased an official Dragon Quest VII guidebook from Viz. It's completely in Japanese (which I can't read), but it did feature an interview with Yuji Horii at the beginning. Unlike a lot of posts, where I talk about my thoughts on the games, this is just kinda me sharing some scans of stuff with you guys. It's mostly character art and the Japanese interview with Yuji Horii, but I still thought it was pretty cool!

This is the cover for the book, which you can still luck into finding on eBay for less than $10 from time to time. The Horii interview isn't translated (sorry!). So, feel free to translate some of this stuff yourselves, or just look at the pretty pictures! And if you want to read my thoughts on Dragon Quest VII, you can find that right here.

Dragon Quest VII Yuji Horii Interview Slideshow

Here's the Yuji Horii interview at the beginning of the book. You can click through the slideshow if you'd like. Again, it's not translated, but hopefully someone out there can transalte it if they want.

Despite using a translate app, I couldn't translate it myself. So if anyone out there would like to give it a try and get back to me, that'd be greatly appreciated. The translate app turns it all into a garbled hot mess, and it's pretty nonsensical. There's also some really cool character art and info early in the book too, which you can find in the slideshow beneath here.

Dragon Quest VII Characters

That's all I've managed to scan or take photos of so far, but I thought it was pretty cool. And I'll try to share more as time goes on. Remember, you can always hear my talk about Dragon Quest by checking out my podcast, Dragon Quest FM, and reading more at DragonQuestAustin.com!

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