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Dragon Quest Tact Early Access Characters

I recently had the privilege to play through an early access closed beta of Dragon Quest Tact on iOS. You can read my thoughts on it by clicking right here. However, I wanted to share some of the monsters you'll find on your journey. These characters have cute, pun-inspired nicknames. You know, the kind of thing you'd expect in a Dragon Quest game.

Without further ago, here are the ones I managed to remember and grab photos of. Hope you enjoy!


Short for Majellan, Majelly is a blue slime who helps navigate players through their journey in DQ Tact. It's also a multi-layered pun, and he's got some great facial expressions. Anyone looking for a Dragon Quest game with a lovable slime companion, DQ Tact is your jam (see what I did there? jelly. jam. it's a pun!)


Your other companion in Dragon Quest Tact is a pink little sanguini named Mindini. Her foil character is a malicious magician named Malini. Mindini is adorable, and she has a red bow on her head. You're going to love her. She's also got a temper, though, so watch out if you see her eyes turn red and those sharp fangs start to show!


Malini is the anti-Mindini. He's a conniving little magician working for Dragonlord. He's also not super good at waylaying your band of monsters. Expect to see him a lot in Dragon Quest Tact.


Can a machine be an old man? Cogsgrove seems to prove it's possible. I love this character design, and Cogsgrove is the wise old man archetype that most Dragon Quest games reserve for…well, old HUMAN men. Still, I loved Cogsgrove long before he ever showed up in the West. I'm happy we get to spend some time with this grandfatherly killing machine in Dragon Quest Tact.


The hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold archetype gets turned on its heads (errr….lips) with Purty. Players will need to help her out if they want to make it to the Silver Cup. She's a somewhat minor character in Dragon Quest Tact, but there's just something unforgettable about a big-lipped slug in a bustier.


A zombie butler working for the Dragonlord, Rotchester is…a zombie butler working for the Dragonlord. That's pretty much all you need to know about him. He appears in several cut scenes, but he's really just an evil lackey. He's also in need of some new shoes, if you've got an extra pair.


Augoostus is a King Slime that's also a king. He's got a royal beard and a serious Viking warrior vibe. While players don't really interact with him in the early access beta, it seems like he's going to be important to Dragon Quest Tact‘s overall story. Although, we'll probably have to wait for the full version to release before we know for sure.

King Maximog

Arguably my favorite character in the game runs a Swap Shop. In Dragon Quest Tact, that means exchanging Gems for goodies used to Rank Up your monsters. Augoostus may be a cool-looking king, but there's just something about Maximog that's more endearing.

Emcee Hammerhood

The award for best pun goes to Emcee Hammerhood! Although, it seems like a missed opportunity to put a hammerhood in parachute pants. This guy appears during Cup championships in Dragon Quest Tact, where he'll introduce the next set of enemies you're facing.


For whatever reason, Bailey exists in Dragon Quest Tact. As a jester in King Augoostus's court, he's…creepy AF. If you're afraid of clowns already, Bailey isn't going to be your favorite character. And if you aren't afraid of clowns, he still isn't going to be your favorite character. Tough luck, Bailey.

These were all the characters I managed to remember and get photos of. I had a blast with early access in Dragon Quest Tact, and I think people will really love the final product. If you've got photos of other characters I may have missed, please drop them into the comments! I'd love to see 'em!

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