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The Dragon Quest Book (Cover Reveal and Additional Info)

As you might have heard, I've been working on a book –and it's all about Dragon Quest, my relationship with the series, and the fandom in the West.

I started working on this book around June 2019, and now that it's been a year, the book is finished. Now, I'm happy to say, here's the cover for the book:

The illustrations are by artist Jessica Ferreira, who (very successfully, I think) tried to mimic the art design of the slime, Erdrick's sword, and Erdrick's shield. The cover is also an homage to the Dragon Quest monument on Awaji Island, erected in honor of Yuji Horri in 2017.

So, What All Can You Find in the Book?

The book is divided up into many sections, but I'll hit the highlights here.

  • “Year of the Dragon (Quest)” is a short, (kinda sorta) memoir about the year I played every mainline Dragon Quest game in a single year. Some snippets were taken from this blog, some were taken from old episodes of Dragon Quest FM, but it's MOSTLY all new stuff! In this section of the book, you'll also find some cool bits about DQ characters and the history of the series.
  • “Dragon Quest in the West” is all about the Western fandom. This section mostly focuses on other folks' reflections on the series and some interviews with people within the DQ community. You can find stuff from Woodus, the founder of the Dragon Quest fansite Dragon's Den; reflections written by DQFM co-host B.J. Keeton and Slime Time co-host Plattym3; stuff from my fellow Geek to Geek contributors like Steve Wittkamp and Daniel Cunningham; and YouTubers like Sackchief, Nawaria, Geekdom 101, and Ryan Molina of Battle Geek Plus and DQ fansite Plus, sooooooo much more!
  • The book doesn't just focus on the fandom in the United States though! You'll also find input from Western fans all over the world, from places like Spain, Argentina, Poland, France, and Germany. And that's just to name a few!
  • I also opened submissions for others to contribute to the book. Been into Dragon Quest for over thirty years or only thirty days? It doesn't matter! I asked people to share their stories, and I tried to include as many responses as I could. So, a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who sent me something.
  • “Resources” is the final section of the book. Here, you'll find self-written bios on some of the content creators who contributed to the book, as well as links on where to find them online. It isn't a complete list, but I hope you'll check it out and discover some new DQ content you might've not known existed.

So, When Does it Release?

The book is tentatively scheduled for release in July. I'll post an update later on, once everything is finalized. So keep an eye out for more news and info on my blog!

Additionally, anyone who would like to help support the book on Patreon before June 28th, 2020 will get their name in a special Thank You section in the book! You can join our Dragon Quest Patreon community by clicking here.

In the meantime, check out some of the links I provided in the post to explore the Dragon Quest community further!

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