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Genshin Impact Character Spotlight: Mona

Witchy Wonder

What better way to enter a new year with Genshin Impact than by shining the spotlight on one of its most sought-after characters? Mona Megistus is a five-star Hydro element specialist who perfectly complements the Electro abilities of Fischl, who we looked at last time. If the Gacha gods are on your side (be patient and wait for events!), you might just end up with one of the most versatile characters in the game.

Hailing from Monstadt (like our previous two characters), Mona is an astrologist whose immense knowledge is rivaled by her own pride. Unlike with Fischl, however, there is no doubt that Mona’s abilities live up to her claims; rather, she would sacrifice her reputation in order to maintain the quality of her astrological readings. Mona’s readings are, in a word, blunt, and her financial situation is increasingly dire as a result. 

Miserly Mona

With her number of clients thinning due to her inability to mince words, Mona relies almost entirely upon the payment she receives for writing an astrology-focused column for The Steambird to make ends meet. Mona might appear to be avaricious to those who see her counting her mora constantly, but her frugal nature matches her practical personality.

In terms of appearance, Mona is surprisingly similar to Lisa at first glance. Both are magic users who are partial to witch hats and the color purple, but that is where the similarities end. Mona appears to be much younger than Lisa, but is much more serious. Many of her lines of dialogue focus on the philosophical importance of letting things go and not being ruled by one’s possessions. She is truly the Marie Kondo of Genshin Impact.

Off the Hook Abilities

Mona has some interesting abilities that set her apart from most other characters. For starters, holding the sprint button causes her to dissolve into a puddle of water, allowing her to rapidly move over most surfaces – including water. Watching her zip about in water form makes her look straight out of Splatoon, but this kid ain’t a squid. Returning to human form will cause nearby enemies to be afflicted by the “wet” status effect.

Mona is no slouch in combat, either, with a five-hit Hydro combo of ranged attacks or a single charged attack. Her Elemental Skill is called Mirror Reflection of Doom and summons an adorable chibi Hydro clone that both distracts and attacks enemies. Her Elemental Burst, Stellaris Phantasm, can trap weaker enemies and gives Mona a boost to both her normal and Hydro damage.

Stay Hydrated!

Given how many of Mona’s attacks and abilities apply the “wet” effect to enemies, a good strategy is to equip her with artifacts that boosts the abilities of a character she is switched out for. This can make Mona incredibly useful if said character can electrocute or freeze a wet enemy and take advantage of Stellaris Phantasm’s damage-boosting ailments.

You can’t go wrong focusing on artifacts that simply boost Elemental damage, either – especially if they focus on the Elemental Burst. Being able to recharge energy quickly is also invaluable, as being able to use Stellaris Phantasm as frequently as possible will help raise your entire team’s damage output.

Is Mona fated in the stars to be part of your primary team? If you are lucky enough to have her, do you agree that she is an elite character? Also, don’t forget to check out our Genshin Impact Beginner’s Guide/FAQ if you’re new to the game!

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