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Nintendo Switch Games to Play in June 2021

I'll be honest, my wife and I are still playing Pokémon Snap, but that doesn't mean I'm not also looking forward to plenty of games coming out this month. Here are some of the upcoming Nintendo Switch titles that I and some of the other Geek to Geek geeks are looking forward to for June 2021!
– TroytlePower

Beasts of Maravilla Island – June TBA

Beasts of Maravilla Island looks like a wonderfully chill game, where you explore a 3D environment on a quest to catalog the wildlife that lives there. Yes, there's some similarities to Pokémon Snap here, but this one actually let's you look around on foot for creatures to capture. Plus, it's got an absolutely gorgeous art style. There's no firm release date yet, but I'm hoping it still hits the June window.
– TroytlePower

Sky: Children of the Light – June TBA

You've heard of That Game Company‘s work – from Flow to Flower to Journey, they're gaming artists. Sky: Children of Light certainly lives up to that reputation, but up until now the game has been overlooked by many as mobile fair. Hopefully a presence on Switch can give the gorgeous presentation and tactful social gameplay the second wind it deserves. Hopefully it can make its promised June delivery date, too.
– Data_Error

Sludge Life – June 2nd

Sludge Life is a super strange first-person platformer where you explore a corporate-owned island on strike. You make your way through the world slapping up graffiti tags in hard-to-reach areas and… yeah, that's what you do in this game. It's a pretty simple premise and a pretty short game, but the visual styling of it makes it worth seeing. This game started life as a free game on the Epic Games Store last year, so there's a good chance you've already got the PC version.
– TroytlePower

Astalon: Tears of the Earth – June 3rd

This retro throw-back action platform has you taken control of three heroes to ascend a tower full of monsters. It's a great one to look at for fans of pixelated platformers, especially if you like sleuthing around for hidden areas on the map. There's also some light RPG mechanics thrown in, with the ability to buy upgrades each time your hero dies.
– TroytlePower

DC Super Hero Girls™: Teen Power – June 4th

I'll be honest, the footage I've seen so far mostly makes the gameplay on this one look kind of bland. However, I'm still keeping an eye on it because I adore the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. They've done a wonderful job of brining new takes on classic characters together with a new generation of heroes to make something that's really special, funny, and fun. I'm hoping this game lives up to the name.
– TroytlePower

They have Wonder Woman. Case closed.

Umurangi Generation – June 5th

Umurangi Generation is a game I both respect immensely and feel deeply unqualified to comment on. At the outset, it’s about photography. Almost immediately, it becomes about grief and social tension – not just around its Māori origins, but in ways that feel far too familiar. The Switch version promises the definitive package, including its DLC, a Creative Mode, and multiple (optional) motion control schemes. This is the way to play a game that breaks boundaries and begs your attention
– Data_Error

Mighty Goose – June 5th

“Let loose the goose”. Yup, you read that tagline right. Mighty Goose looks hilarious, exciting, and reminds me of something I would have lost a lot of quarters in at an arcade. I could absolutely visualize this being an arcade machine at the corner of Godfather's Pizza. You get to be a mighty little goose bounty hunter in this fast-paced run & gun shooter. Weapons and war machines of epic proportions and hordes of enemies. This game will either be amazing or… well… I'm hoping amazing. I mean, we have seen success with other games where we get to be a goose!
– Elinzia

Game Builder Garage – June 11th

Nintendo has a bit of a wonky history with “builder” games. Mario Maker can only be described as a smashing success, where Labo was written off by many as a curiosity. Game Builder Garage seems to lean a bit closer to the latter, but caters to a “career game designer” fantasy that feels more likely do draw gamers' curiosity where Labo‘s cardboard base drew parents' skepticism. Seeing Dreams‘ fervent base of creators on PlayStation makes me hopeful that Game Garage has legs, but only time will tell if it has wide appeal beyond the dedicated few who will likely recreate DOOM inside this thing.
– Data_Error

Mario Golf™: Super Rush – June 25th

I am a huge fan of all the Mario Golf games, so I already have this one preordered. It's funny, I'm not actually a huge fan of golf in real life. However, video game golf is so fun and addicting. With 16 different characters you can play with, all in adorable outfits, and some summery green courses with blue skies… this game just feels right. The multiplayer aspect is also a large draw as you will be able to play online with either friends or random other golfers. There is even “speed golf” now! This one looks to be a new favorite for me.
– Elinzia

Tony Hawk's™ Pro Skater™ 1 + 2 – June 25th

The Tony Hawk games feel like a perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch. Being able to pick up the system, play a few runs, and then put it away again is going to be great. Heck, you could even take your Switch to a skatepark and play a skating game instead of really skating! That's living the Nintendo Switch dream, right?
– TroytlePower

Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Ghoul Patrol – June 29th

This is one of those games that I missed out on as a kid, but Zombies Ate My Neighbors has a huge following. I love seeing classic games get a new life on the Switch, and even though this looks like a straight port with some bonus content rather than any kind of remake, it should be a fun one for fans of the 16-bit era.
– TroytlePower

And lots more!

We didn't cover nearly all of the games coming to Switch in June 2021 in this article that have already been announced, and with E3 around the corner, there's bound to be a ton more! Let us know which games you're looking forward to in the comments or by joining us on Slack or Discord!

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