DQFM 02 – Dragon Quest XI: Journey Through the Gazillion Versions

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Dragon Quest XI has experienced incredible success in the West, and there is good cause for that. It takes the DQ formula that has worked for over 33 years and hones it into what many people say might be the best in the series. Unlike previous Dragon Quest games, though, DQXI has released on multiple platforms at launch, instead of getting remasters and remakes over the years.

In Japan, a PS4 and Nintendo 3DS version were released (sans voice acting). and in North America and the rest of the world, a PS4 and PC version were released (with voice acting). In 2019, a Nintendo Switch version is coming out to combine the various editions and their unique qualities across the regions into a Definitive Edition.

Beej and Austin have, between them, played each and every version currently available. Well, scratch that: they haven't played the Japanese PS4 version. But other than that. 

So in this episode, they talk about what it was like to experience the game on the various consoles, why each console felt unique, what they were missing, and just why we don't have more Sylvando already, darling.

The true heart of the episode, however, is when they discuss curling up on the couch with a brand new Liquid Metal Slime 2DS, translating DQXI from Japanese using the Google Translate's real-time tool, and giggled and oohed and ahhed like they were 12 year old boys again. Because Dragon Quest has that effect on all of us, we think. And DQXI might have it even more than that. 

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