DQFM 08 – Dragon Quest IV and VI

by | Jul 11, 2019 | Dragon Quest FM

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This week, what started out as a special Dragon Quest Catch-Up Episode, where Austin and B.J. talk about where they are in the DQ games they’re currently playing, turns into a Zenithia Trilogy episode because B.J. is playing DQ IV and Austin just finished DQ VI

First, B.J. talks about getting stuck in the Alena chapter of IV and how much he dislikes random enemy encounters nowadays. We also talk about the accents and dialects in IV, and how they can sometimes make it difficult to understand what the characters are saying.

Then, it’s off to Dragon Quest VI, where Austin is fresh off his victory against the superboss, Nokturnus. Was it worth it? Maybe? You’ll have to listen to find out. We also discuss VI’s postgame, characters, and a few vocations. Then, Austin defends the game for a while. (And on his blog, too.)

And stick around, because if the bad puns aren’t enough to have you groaning, Austin and B.J. start talking about the phonetics of DQ titles. Are you snoring yet? Don’t worry. We get back to the games quickly enough. 

Editor's Note: B.J. would also like to note that during the editing process, he realizes they mistakenly refer to assonance as alliteration. They are ashamed, the former English teachers that they are. Please forgive them. 

There’s also a fun Shameless Self Promotion™ segment, a kinda-sorta theme song, and a fun poll you can take part in by voting @DragonQuestFM on Twitter!

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