Dragon Quest FM, Episode 32: Dragon Quest IX Deep Dive (Episode Three): Let's Talk About Monsters, Bosses, and the Krak Pot!

Welcome to our third episode of our deep dive into Dragon Quest IX! This week, we’re talking about crafting with the Krak Pot. Austin and B.J. share their stories of crafting in other Dragon Quest games, too, and find out how the Krak Pot stacks up against the likes of the Fun-Sized Forge in XI or the alchemy pot in VIII!

We also talk about monsters–A LOT! Dragon Quest IX introduced a whole lot of new monsters. Some of them we love (like the Slime Stack), and some make us feel weird (like the Trigertaur). After the break, we discuss dragons (DRAGONS!!!) and some of the most memorable bosses in the game.

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Austin King

Austin King

I love my wife, my three daughters, JRPGs, & old wooden ships. I write stuff. Obsessed with #DragonQuest. Podcast: @dragonquestfm


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