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Dragon Quest FM, S2 E13: All About Veronica (Dragon Quest XI Character Spotlight)

by | Apr 10, 2020 | Dragon Quest FM

It's our second character spotlight for Dragon Quest XI! This time around, we're talking all about Veronica, the sassy mage with a small stature and a big personality. Naturally, there are going to be spoilers in this episode, so consider yourselves warned!

We start the episode by asking “Who is Veronica?” Turns out, it's kind of an interesting answer, especially considering the backstory Veronica and her sister have, as well as the Great Sage's soul they share. After that, we take to Twitter again to read some of your answers to the question “What do you love about Veronica?” We got a lot of answers, and tried to read as many as possible during the episode. A big thanks to everyone who answered!

We also talk about how we used Veronica in combat, how we used her within our party, our favorite alternative outfits for her, and more! Then, B.J. talks about THAT moment in the game, and how it affected him more than similar moments in any other video game. Yeah, we're keeping the notes a little vague, but the episode has full spoilers. So listen now!

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