rab, the marryin' grandpa

Dragon Quest FM, S2 E16 – All About Rab (Dragon Quest XI Character Spotlight)

In this week's episode, we're celebrating everyone's favorite dirty grandpa, Rab! We start the episode by discussing how we used Rab in combat, and then we talk about our favorite outfits for him. After that, we take to Twitter again to see why YOU love Rab so much. Thanks to everyone who replied!

Austin is working on a Dragon Quest. He's currently gathering up stories from within the fandom. So if you've got a story to share, head over to dragonquestaustin.com for more details. You can email your story to dragonquestaustin@gmail.com

After the break, we talk about Rab within the confines of the story, his Act Two arc, his love of (certain) magazines. Then, we share our favorite Rab moments!

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Dragon Quest FM

Dragon Quest FM

Dragon Quest FM is a weekly Dragon Quest podcast hosted by Austin and B.J.!


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