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Serena from dqxi and the hero

Dragon Quest FM, S2 E14: All About Serena (Dragon Quest XI Character Spotlight)

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This week, we’re talking about Veronica’s other half, her twin sister Serena. Like Veronica, Serena is a Keeper from Arboria. 

Serena is the sweeter, more naive of the twins. She follows Veronica around, which is ironic since Veronica now has the appearance of a child. You’d expect it to go the other way. She is the priest in terms of classic DQ vocations and is voiced by Jessica Clark, whose credits include being a regular on Versailles and appearances in other BBC shows like Call the Midwife.

Serena’s outfits

    The Dancer’s outfit, one of the earliest ones you can get, is really cool. Didn’t like the Divine version as much, though. Austin loves the Serenica outfit you can get, which is a nice callback to other DQ sage outfits. Also liked the Crimson Catsuit. It made her look especially tough, which it’s hard to make Serena look tough. Most of her outfits and her demeanor make her seem cutesy and sweet. Beej liked the Mischief Maker and liked how the Crimson Catsuit seemed as though it were a Persona 5 homage.

Serena in combat

    Austin used her as a healer pretty much all the time. Once she turns into OP Sage, she was in my party at all times. We both used her instead of Rab. Austin used spears with her on my first playthrough, but used wands in XI S. Beej was two wands all the time.

Austin experimented with harps because he wanted a Serena and Veronica folk band! I mean, that Calamus flute + harp = sweet jams

Trivia Time!

In the international fan poll for Dragon Quest XI that was released by Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, Serena was voted the seventh most popular character in the game, but the least popular female party member, with a total of 237 votes. So, so sad. (Veronica was fourth overall, and the second most popular female character)

Serena within the story

 You rescue her early in the story, when you help Veronica find her. She’s this cautious voice of reason through a lot of the earlier story. How does the loss of her sister affect her?

We also talk about the haircut and how hair is such a symbol for women's rebirth and empowerment after a trauma. Deep, yeah?

Losing the powers once Veronica comes back. Neither of us used her nearly as much after that. 

We are sad that she and Veronica don’t get a side story in XI S. What’s up with that? I guess it’d be too spoilery.

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