S1E23 – JRPGs – “I’m pre-ordering games as he talks”

In this episode:

It’s #JRPGJuly, and you guys know by now that we are both huge fans of roleplaying games! But more than just any RPG, we adore JRPGs. In this episode, we discuss our history of why we prefer the unique genre to the more traditional Western RPG.

We discuss what a JRPG is (literally “Japanese Roleplaying Game”) and their common mechanics such as turn-based battles, leveling and gearing up, being able to “grind” your way to the next part of the game, and typically have a Japanese story translated, not a western story from our culture.

Later on, we discuss how they have pre-made characters and narrative vs Character creator/player choice in moreWestern RPGs like Fallout or Skyrim.

Quest Accepted

Both of us cut our teeth on the genre with early Final Fantasy games, Pokemon games, and Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars on SNES.

Additionally, we discuss our current favorites, the standouts from the past we just can’t get go of, and the ones we are most looking forward to in the future!

We even go on tangents about how JRPGs influenced our belief systems and personal philosophies! How’s that for geeky?

Plus, we talk about two upcoming spiritual successors to Chrono Trigger, and Beej gets so excited he preorders one of them while still recording.

Weekly Geekery

Beej – RPGMaker VX ACE (scripting in Ruby; MV scripts in JavaScript!)

Void – Fire Emblem Fates Conquest

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Void and Beej

Void and Beej

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