S3E3 – 2018’s Most Wanted: Games, Movies, and Books – “Rolling my eyes like… oh Nintendo”

2018’s Most Wanted: Games, Movies, and Books

In this episode:

  • We discuss our most anticipated everything of 2018!
  • From movies we want to watch (INFINITY WAR OMG) to games (have you SEEN that Spider-man game coming to PS4?) to why books are harder to get excited for than other media.

Weekly Geekery

  • Beej played Metroid on 3DS, Hero Academy 2, and Fortnite.
  • Void played Fortnite, Legendary, Final Fantasy Dissidia NT, They Are Billions, and Slay the Spire.

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Void and Beej

Void and Beej

Void and Beej, bringing you the Geek to Geek Podcast since 2016. @professorbeej and @grnmushroom on Twitter, and every other place podcasts are sold. Or whatever.

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