G2G S4E1 – Minisode Kick-Off – “Quotes are hard when you record solo”

In this episode:

The first episode of Season 4! We can’t believe that we have finished 3 season of the podcast already, and that we are already getting to start on a 4th. It’s kind of nutty. But awesome. More awesome than nutty.


Sometimes life happens and sometimes that lines up with the start of the new season.  But, we pulled together a minisode for you to get our season kicked off anyway!

We might have had to record separately because…reasons. But that doesn’t mean we love you any less. In fact, it shows our love for you because we wanted to make sure you had a show to listen to!

So you’re welcome! Enjoy!

Geeky Offer of the Week:


Weekly Geekery

Weekly Geekery will return next week when we get back to our normally scheduled recordings.

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