G2G S4E15 – Magic The Gathering & #MTGArena – “Sad Tacos”

In This Episode:

We discuss Magic: The Gathering and the new(ish) Magic: The Gathering Arena PC game. We wanted to do this primarily so that we could tackle the subject from the perspective of someone who is pretty new to the game (Void), as well as someone who has a lot of experience with MTG that dates back to the late 90s (Beej).

Void has always been Magic-adjacent, having a brother who played and knowing the very basics of how the game worked. For a number of reasons, he never could quite get into the game. One of the main ones being that it is a physical CCG, and he’s not too much of a collector of physical items.

And really, that’s MTG’s whole shtick. You buy booster packs of random cards, hoping for something awesome. If not, you sell it or trade it so you can get something awesome. But either way, you have physical pieces of cardboard in your possession.

With the release of Magic: The Gathering Arena (think Hearthstone but made by Wizards of the Coast…and, you know, being Magic), Void has really latched onto it. So much so that he might even be buying a card-base for MTGA that costs in the hundreds of dollars so he can get more into it.

That’s big.

Beej, on the other hand, has been playing MTG since he was 14 years old. He fell off after a while, mainly 2006-2008ish, but has always done his best to keep up with what was going on and how the game was changing in major ways.

He never was a competitive player, but instead liked to play for fun. Or more accurately, his own fun. He is a Blue player through and through, loving control decks and counterspells. He has only ever won a single tournament on his own, but it was with a Draw/Go deck which is probably the most annoying deck on the planet. Look it up.

That said, he really likes Arena, and he will probably stick with it for a while. It’s really the game he wanted out of Hearthstone because as much as he loves HS (or loved, depending on how you look at it), the game never had the nuance of MTG. Now with an online MTG that’s worth playing, he’s stoked.

You can listen to the whole episode to see what other kinds of awesomeness they talk about.

Weekly Geekery

Beej is all-in on Scalzi’s The Interdependency Book 2, and it may be one of his favorite book series ever. It’s that good. He’s said it before, and he says it again: “It’s like Dune, only better and less Dune-y.” There’s more Trails in the Sky, too, and he can’t recommend it enough.

Void mostly geeked out over Magic: The Gathering Arena this week. Most of his gaming time was put into that. He did, however, have time to do a little bit more Elder Scrolls Blades (which he might be done with). He also became a total nerd for the Jedi: Fallen Order trailer and rewatched some Game of Thrones in prep for the kick off of Season 8.

Oh, and they both geeked out pretty hard on the new Star Wars Episode IX trailer.

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