G2G S4E20 – Geekery in Florida and the Slow Video Game Year – “Dragons are like Spider-Man”

In This Episode:

Beej traveled to Florida and stayed with Austin for a week. He geeked out a lot while he was there, and we catch up on all the stuff he did while he had a friend to nerd out with. 

Dragon Quest Builders is a really fun game, but the bosses are kind of insane. And by insane, we mean super annoying and make the rest of an otherwise fun game a chore that may not be worth playing. Hopefully Dragon Quest Builders 2 will fix that.

The Final Fantasy TCG is super neat. It’s probably not a mainstay like MTG has become in our lives, but the art is so pretty, it’s definitely worth picking up the deck for your favorite games in the series. It’s like a handheld art book, if nothing else. Did we mention that the FF TCG is pretty? Because if not, it’s super pretty.

He got to play with a Japanese Nintendo 3DS, and a special edition one at that. The Liquid Metal Slime 2DS is actually metal and shiny, but it’s all in Japanese. Austin’s came with a copy of Dragon Quest XI for the 3DS, and they used the Google Translate App to translate it to English in real-time. It was funny with some of the things they said, but it was a wonderful adventure. Beej wants to go through the whole game now because it’s easily the prettiest 3DS game he’s ever seen.

He also got the first sunburn he’s had in 15 years after spending the week in the pool every day and in the Keys. He didn’t wear sunscreen at all, and he became mildly uncomfortable. The poor thing.

Weekly Geekery

For geekery this week, BJ has been playing more Dragon Quest IX, and he discusses the vocation system (jobs) in-depth and finally figured out why people say it has the best job system of any RPG out there.

He also got a Bittboy and is loving it so far. Having a retro handheld is really nice, especially for fan translations of games that weren’t released in English.

Void tried out the new AC Odyssey DLC, but wasn’t that impressed. Despite adoring the Atlantis storyline in the main game, the DLC was trudging and he couldn’t force himself to play through more of the same. It just felt boring and not worth his time. He will probably watch all of the cutscenes on YouTube. What do you feel about the DLC?

He took his kids to see the Detective Pikachu movie and thinks it was pretty good. It made him totally want a traditional trainer story because the battles that were in Detective Pikachu were so awesome that he wants more. So many more.

And of course, he’s still hooked on Magic: The Gathering Arena. He is dabbling in deck construction now, which surprised Beej, and he’s even been doing some IRL drafting with physical cards. He even said that he would be willing to go to a card shop and do it in person. Who is this man and what has he done with our Void?

But Wait…There’s More!

The guys also tangent onto a couple of other topics, too. They discuss the slow video game year for 2019, but even though it’s slow, there are still some killer releases.

They talk about the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake and just what in the world is going on, and they finish the episode up with a few minutes discussing the Game of Thrones series finale. It is literally the last thing in the episode, so if you haven’t seen the episode, don’t worry — you won’t miss anything else if you stop before we get into the (kinda?) spoilers. 

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