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Backpack Hero Mixes Dungeon Delving with Inventory Management!

Backpack Hero is a roguelite dungeon delver with turn-based combat and a focus on organizing your items in a magical…

30XX Is Great, But Might Be a Bit Too Random

30XX is an immensely satisfying and easy-to-pick-up Megaman-like, but victory feels a bit too dependent on random ability upgrades.

The Search for the Perfect Roguelike – Pirates, Tyrants, and Gladiators!

Tears of the Kingdom has broken my gaming brain, so I'm checking out a few recent roguelikes to try to…

Oakenfold Brings Time Manipulation to Tactical Roguelites

I've been pretty mixed on strategy games with rogue-lite elements, but Oakenfold is looking solid to me.

Rogue Legacy 2 Negates the Need for Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy 2 is basically Rogue Legacy 1, except it's also a tiny bit better in every single way!

Elden Ring Impressions – One Week In

Elden Ring, the spiritual successor to the Dark Souls series has been out for one week and captured the hearts…

RICO and RICO London (Switch) Reviews: Cheesy 80s Action and a Strange Sequel

RICO and RICO: London are both fun, but I like almost everything about the first game more than the sequel.

Is Firegirl: Hack ‘n Splash Rescue Really as Hot As It Looks?

Firegirl is a gorgeous roguelite of rescuing survivors, battling fire monsters, and playing with fire and water.

Evertried is My Favorite New Roguelike of 2021

Dying in most rogue-like games makes me feel like switching to something less punishing. In Evertried I always want just…

Spelunky 1 and 2 Are Right at Home on Switch

Spelunky has been around for over a decade, and it's finally found the home it feels like it was always…

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