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Welcome to the 13th Story

Hi, my name is Bobby. I go by 13th_story in online gaming communities. I’m a writer. Well, I used to write full time as a newspaper journalist about things like music and the arts. Now I write press releases, PSAs and other things as part of my marketing gig.

I reached out to BJ about writing for Geek to Geek because I still get the urge to write from time to time. And what is it I want to write about? Video games!

Yes, they are my most favorite hobby/pastime/passion whatever you want to call it. I like talking about games and thinking about games and now I think I should write about games to get some of my thoughts out.

So if you read this blog, what exactly will you be getting into?

Well, I want to mostly focus on any number of random ideas and thoughts, but I really want to make it my goal to be insightful. I really want to express concepts and ideas that will help you appreciate games on a deeper level.

And I hope to understand the medium I love better as I work through the writing process.

But if nothing else, I hope to write a few interesting things about video games and just maybe I’ll put something worth your time into this space.

I’ll warn you now, I’m going to jump around from genre to genre, and what you’ll get is a really good idea of where my mind goes when I’m spending 100 plus hours (or even just 5 or 10 hours) playing a game.

Few reviews, no lies, and a lot of insight

I don’t really plan to do much in the way of reviews, and I promise you I will never lie to you and tell you I have some inside access and know the dates of the next few Nintendo Directs or which games are going to be announced.

I have no idea who the Smash DLC fighters will be (although I, of course, have a mix of wishlist and speculation). One post I might feel like talking about my burgeoning adventures into anime (something still very new to me) or thoughts on D&D and life (something I’ve been experiencing since at least the 3.0 if you don’t count those old Infinity Engine games).

This already means I’ll likely never have a hugely popular blog. But I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Feel free to reach out on Twitter at @13th_story with thoughts or toss them in the comments below.

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