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Adventures in Astoltia (Part Three): Purring Pirates

We're skipping ahead in the story (but only a little) this week. As usual, you can check out the previous week's post by following the link here.

Now that the weddie wedding is saved, you can head toward the big weddie kingdom and unlock all sorts of goodies: crafting guilds, four-member parties, and the ability to switch vocations (to name a few). My favorite would have to be the daily monster extermination quests, in which you kill a certain amount of a specific monster in order to get massive XP gains.

Possibly most important of all is the fact that you can now ride the train to all the other islands, meaning you can visit the other tribes' islands without much hassle. You may have noticed the railroad in many of the wild zones before now. Well, that's why the railroad is here. The main source of travel is by hopping on the train and riding it to whichever island you choose. Pretty cool, huh?

And if you weren't already getting a Dragon Quest IX vibe from the golden train, there's also a fairy to help you out that looks a whole lot like Stella.

Kitties and Weddies

The major plot points with this section of the story involve a little weddie girl named Sonya (at least, that's what Google translate calls her 80% of the time, so that's what we're going with here). Turns out, Sonya has a secret. She's got a sweet little kitten hidden away and is taking care of it.

Obviously, the other weddies don't want her to keep it. I mean, it's a cat in a village of fish people. Chances are, things won't turn out so well once this little kitty gets bigger.

Here There Be Purrrrates

Eventually, you and your newly formed party journey to a small island where all the cats live. Most of the NPCs look like meowgician enemies just chilling in the tropics. Now, I'm not 100% sure what happens after that. Full disclosure: the translations weren't making much sense, and most of it was just guesswork based on facial expressions of the characters in each scene.

Anyway, you and your friend Fuser (Weddie Terry, remember him?) decide to help Sonya protect the kitten. This doesn't go over so well with the swashbuckling tomcat, Ribeiro. In fact, he decides to attack your party and teach you a thing or two.

This is the first fight that I had trouble with. I was around level 30, and the first time around, Ribeiro killed me fairly fast. He calls a couple of monsters to join him at various times, which means you're having to deal with adds as well as a boss. The default healer the game gave me just couldn't keep up. I eventually decided to put my pride aside and changed the boss difficulty from Hard (for twice as much experience) to Normal. So, I didn't get as much experience, but I got through the fight.

Everybody Wants to Be a Cat

A while back, I got the Art of Astoltia book that featured tons of illustrations from Dragon Quest X. You can read my review of the book too. Seeing the design for Ribeiro was one of the main reasons I gave in and decided to give the game a try. There's just something cool about a pirate cat, isn't there?

Anyway, once you beat Ribeiro, the other main cat NPC (whose name I don't know, but I'm assuming she's the cat queen, based on her appearance), takes the kitten in. Sonya seems satisfied with this, if slightly sad to say goodbye to her friend.

Once this is over, you're free to head back to the main weddie city and talk to the mayor, who's more than happy to hand over the blue Key Emblem to our hero. Sweet! That means we have our first Key Emblem and have completed the weddie storyline (for now).

Now, it's time to hop on the train and head to one of those other islands. The world is your oyster. So where are we going to go next? You'll have to find out next week!

Just kidding. We're going to the ogre island. It's a desert. There's a cool skeleton boss with two swords. You're gonna love it.

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