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Dragon Quest Austin Is Back! (Kind Of)

I know it's been a long time since I've updated Dragon Quest Austin, and people still ask me about it from time to time, but this was originally meant to just be a chronicle of me playing every single DQ game in a single year. I did that, I started the Dragon Quest FM podcast, and wrote a book about Dragon Quest – and this blog just kind of fell by the wayside.

But I wanted to get back to it! Even if it's just casually, and so I thought up a good way to merge two things I love – Dragon Quest and getting to know new people. Starting this year, I'm going to be running a variety of interviews with Dragon Quest fans all over the world. I have a few lined up already but I hope to have more soon.

I have a couple of goals in mind here: to connect Dragon Quest fans from around the world to each other and to let other people share their Dragon Quest stories. I get that this blog is called Dragon Quest Austin, but I never meant for it to be all about me. I just couldn't think of a better title (this is, after all, coming from the dude who named his Dragon Quest book The Dragon Quest Book). I think a lot of people out there have interesting stories to tell – and if talking about Dragon Quest is a way to do that, then awesome!

I hope you look forward to reading more interviews with Dragon Quest fans from around the globe soon!

Austin King

Austin King

I love my wife, my three daughters, JRPGs, & old wooden ships. I write stuff. Obsessed with #DragonQuest. Podcast: @dragonquestfm


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