Dragon Quest Collecting Goodness (Community Spotlight on EVERYONE’S Collections) – S2 E40

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This week, we’re talking all about collecting in Dragon Quest. We got to talking about toys so much last week, it seemed like a good time to do a follow-up this week. Also, shoutout to Todd, one of our patrons who gave us this idea while back on Patreon!

Weird doing a podcast about toys, but we can’t show them to people. So how are we doing it? Well, we asked you for your favorites, and we have a thread of them here! https://twitter.com/DragonQuestFM/status/1316123792360574976?s=20

The response was HUGE. And we adored looking through all your stuff!

Why do people like collecting Dragon Quest stuff so much?

Austin: I like toys anyway, but I also like the hunt for them. If it was easy to come by, like I could just swing by Walmart and pick up 400 DQ figures, I wouldn’t like it as much. 

Beej: It's like holding a cartoon in my hand. It's awesome.

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Be sure to check out Ryan’s newest Dragon Quest X video, covering Version 2.0 of the game! Link: https://youtu.be/CZotcwzgZW0

What are your favorite items in your Dragon Quest collection?

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