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Dragon Quest FM Halloween Special: Spooky Monsters and More!

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Welcome to our DQFM Halloween Spooktacular! Last year, we focused mostly on Dragon Quest’s spookiest moments. This year, though, we’re totally talking about the monsters. And not just any monsters, but the Halloween-themed ones (and the SPOOKY ones!).

If you scare easily…beware! (Or not, it’s just two dudes talking about video games).

Austin’s List of Terrifying Monsters

  1. Pumpkin Knight from Caravan Heart (Had a nice callback in DQ Builders 2)
  2. Dreadnaut (just a cool-looking skeleton enemy)
  3. Halloweenman (unused monster design by Akira Toriyama but you can find in the Toriyama DQ art book)
  4. Hawkhart from DQM Joker. It’s an ugly featherless bird monstrosity that I will forever loathe. I don’t want this pink turkey as my companion!
  5. Ghost – it’s a classic. It’s like the Big Mac of Halloween-ish DQ monsters. You gotta include it. 

B.J.’s List of Terrifying Monsters

  1. Skelegon (probably)
  2. Sham Hamwitch
  3. Marionettes
  4. Evil Red-eyed Slime from DQXI – Vicious?
  5. Dark Slime Knight

What are on your lists? Happy Hall-goo-ween!

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