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Dragon Quest FM S2 E48 – Dragon Quest VII Deep Dive (Episode Two): The Legacy of Dragon Warrior VII

This week on Dragon Quest FM, Austin is taking a close look at Dragon Warrior VII and its legacy. The PS1 game shattered records in Japan but is heavily criticized for its graphics and pacing. Still, the game holds up fairly well in 2020, and Austin takes a look at the differences between the PS1 and 3DS versions of the game.

Along the way, Austin discusses the graphics of the PS1 version, the differences in job system, and the streamlined dungeons and content that are in the 3DS version. He also shares a few updates on the Dragon Quest VII Play-Along and some fun facts about Dragon Warrior VII that you might not have known already.

This episode actually follows the structure of his other podcast, JRPGs and Me, which you can listen to if you like the set up of this week. B.J. should be back next week to discuss towns and vocations and other Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Warrior VII goodness.

As usual, this week we took to Twitter to ask people what they thought of Dragon Warrior VII on PS1. You can view the entire thread right here.

As it turns out, a lot of people hadn't played the PS1 Dragon Warrior VII, but lots of people want to. And those who have played it, mostly seem to adore it. Austin also discusses his thoughts on the game and how his opinions on the game have changed over the last couple years. You can read more on that in this post, Fragments of a Forgotten Past: Why I Was Wrong About Dragon Quest VII.

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