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How to Get the Dollar Board Mount in Dragon Quest X

Okay, so you're playing Dragon Quest X. Like me, you're probably growing tired of walking around everywhere. It doesn't help that walking in this game feels SUPER slow, and there's no way to sprint. But fear not! The dollar board is near!

To get the dollar board mount, you have to follow a fairly simple quest. And good news: it's pretty early in the game.

Step One – Head to the Dwarf Town

Once you unlock the train in the main story, you can go to any of the islands. My advice is to go to the dwarf island first, since this is where you unlock the dollar board mount. The dwarf island has the yellowish-gold symbol by the town name (which should show up as Gatara) when you're talking to the NPC at the train station.

Step Two – Get Quest #199

You must talk to an NPC in the town to start the quest. She's a little dwarf lady hanging out with her name in purple. If you want to find her on the map, she's the Purple Quest marker that's somewhere around the D4 area. If you want to be absolutely sure it's the right quest, it's Quest 199.

You'll need to head out into the nearby zone to get the item for this quest. So, exit the town and explore the surrounding wilderness. If you're confused about where to go, you can pull up the quest menu (in the Switch main menu, it's the second one from the top in the right-hand column). Go to the bottom option of this menu, go to quest 199, and then click the Y button. It should show you the item's exact location on the map from here.

Pick up the item and take it back to the NPC in the dwarf town. You'll get the dollar board as a quest reward.

Step Three – Getting to Know Your Dollar Board

The most important thing to remember with your new mount is that it needs fuel. Fuel costs 500 G at item shops. To my knowledge, it's the only item that costs 500 G in Version 1.0, so it should be easy to find in the shop's menu to purchase.

The fuel lasts for 30 minutes. The good news is that it's 30 minutes while you're riding it, and not 30 minutes of real-time. So if you put your dollar board away for a few hours and then bring it back out, it will have the same amount of time left on it as when you put it away.

As a general rule of thumb, I tried to keep at least 5 fuel (tanks? canisters?) with me at all times. Just in case I was out in the wilderness, I didn't want to run out of fuel or have to return to town to buy up more in the middle of a quest.

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