How To Unlock Version 2.0 Content in Dragon Quest X

All right, so you’ve beaten all of Version 1.0 of Dragon Quest X, and now you’re looking to get into the rest of the content. The free trial extends into 2.0 now, so you can play a bit of it before that expires. You’ll still have to do a quest to unlock the content, though.

Here’s how you do that.

Step One – Talk to the Travel Concierge

The first thing you need to do is go to Glen Castle Town. It’s the first ogre city you visited when getting the minor key emblem there. It’s got a little red symbol by its name when you’re talking to the NPC at the train station. Once there, head to the Inn (the bed symbol on your map), and talk to the travel concierge. He’s the big ogre standing near the front desk.

- how to unlock version 2. 0 content in dragon quest x

If this is your first time talking to him, you’ll get lots of items (like casino tickets and things). After all of that, he’ll give you a quest. He needs five magic holy waters and a crystal that only drops from the killing machines enemies (which are thankfully nearby).

Accept the quest, and let’s get started!

Step Two – Kill Some Killing Machines

Killing machines are in a few different areas, but I’d go to the ones nearest to Glen, since you’re there already. Head north from Glen toward the giant tent on your map. This is the same stop where you can unlock the level 60 cap.

- how to unlock version 2. 0 content in dragon quest x

Keep heading north until you reach this area on your map. You might even notice that it’s got glowing yellow lines all around it. That’s because the killing machines are here. I found a lot of them close to to the F-2/G-2 area on the map:

- how to unlock version 2. 0 content in dragon quest x

After that, keep killing those killing machines until you get the crystal. The game will notify you once it drops, so it’s hard to miss.

- how to unlock version 2. 0 content in dragon quest x

Step Three – Buy Five Magic Holy Waters

Now that you’ve got the crystal from the killing machines, the rest of this is pretty easy. Well, assuming you have plenty of money. The magic holy waters go for 6000 gold each, and you need five of them (so that’s 30,000 gold total).

If you don’t have the gold, you’ll have to sell stuff and kill enemies until you have enough. In the free trial, without the help of selling items on the market board, this could be especially tiresome. Hopefully, you’ve got enough gold already, though.

Hop on a train to Gatara (the first dwarf city, which has a gold symbol by its name) and buy them from the NPC at the materials store (not the item shop). The materials store is where you can buy useful crafting stuff, and the holy magic waters are the only item on the menu that go for 6000 gold.

Step Four – Hop on a Train (And Then on a Ship)

Now that you have all the items, go back to Glen and give them to the travel concierge at the inn. He’ll give you a boarding pass as a reward.

Now talk to the NPC at the train station and head to the island in the top-middle of the map. It’s got a white symbol beside the name. Once you arrive, head through the town and enter the port authority building (that’s what I’m calling it anyway). For a map reference, just look at this photo:

- how to unlock version 2. 0 content in dragon quest x

After a cutscene or two, you’ll need to head over to the ship. Again, you can check out the map in this photo for reference of where to go next:

- how to unlock version 2. 0 content in dragon quest x

Once you board the ship, the opening movie will play. After a few more cutscenes, you arrive on the new continent and can start your journey into Dragon Quest X Version 2.0!

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