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Is Dragon Quest XI S Better In 3D Or 2D? – Which Version Is Best For You

One of the coolest things about Dragon Quest XI S is that it gives players the option to play the entire game in breathtaking 3D or in clean but classic 2D. It seems like a great time to discuss the pros and cons of each mode, since the game is about to release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on December 4th, 2020.

As anyone who's played Dragon Quest XI S on Nintendo Switch already can tell you, the ability to switch between 3D and 2D is one of the highlights of the newest version of the game. The only part of the game that HAS to be played in 2D is Tickington and the Altar of Ages, which allows players to revisit the worlds of past Dragon Quest games through a system called Pastwords (it's a pun, get it?).

Why You Should Play Dragon Quest XI S In 3D

A silver tockle in dragon quest 11 s for nintendo switch

Longtime fans who grew up playing classic Dragon Quest games may veer toward 2D. However, most modern gamers and newcomers will probably want to experience the game in its breathtaking 3D. That's one of the biggest pros to playing the game in 3D: it looks fantastic!

The 3D version also has full animations, which means each cutscene and every piece of character development is perfectly rendered. Battle sequences are also completely animated, which makes everything nice and immersive. Facial expressions are another factor to consider, since they help show off a character's personality. The 2D version doesn't show this, so a lot of more theatrical characters – especially Sylvando and Veronica – don't come across as strongly in 2D as they do in 3D.

I think the 3D version is best for newcomers. If it's your first time playing this game, experience it in the wonderful 3D that perfectly conveys each monster animation, every character's face, and the game's many sprawling environments.

Why You Should Play Dragon Quest XI S In 2D


Don't get me wrong. The 2D version of the game is equally impressive. Everything may be in two dimensions, but it's still pretty. It's a great callback to classic DQ games, and longtime fans will especially adore it. Playing in 2D has merits that go behind nostalgia, though.

Battle animations typically go faster, since there's not as much action to watch play out onscreen. The 2D renderings of monsters are also a lot of fun to experience. Since Tickington and past worlds are also in 2D, it's a little less jarring whenever you visit them if you're already playing in 2D. Navigation is also much easier in 2D, and it's pretty useful for finding treasure chests or other things in towns that are more well-hidden in 3D.

2D is a lot of fun, but I think it's better for subsequent playthroughs of Dragon Quest XI S. It's a great way to experience the game a second or third time. Plus, if you grew up playing the classics, then you'll appreciate the style in the 2D version.

So Which Version Is Best?

So, which version is best? That's kind of a loaded question, but my final verdict is this: play the game in 3D. Tickington and past worlds are in 2D, so you'll still get experience some of that retro DQ aesthetic through there. Essentially, this means playing the game in 3D offers you a chance to see the world both ways. You'll experience most of the DQ XI S content in 3D, but still get to see other Dragon Quest worlds in 2D through the Altar of Ages.

This post is a part of ongoing articles to help support the release of Dragon Quest XI S, which comes to PS4, Xbox One, and PC on December 4th, 2020 . For more information, please visit the Official Square Enix site.

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