Tockles, Tickington, and Pastwords

This week, I want to talk about one of my favorite new additions to Dragon Quest XI S! For a year, I was hoping we’d get the Yocchi Village content from the Japanese 3DS of XI here in the States. On the blog and on the podcast, I talked about it A TON! So I was super excited when it got confirmed that Yocchi Village (called Tickington in English versions) was coming to XI S!

The mechanics that go along with Tickington are pretty simple. It works something like this: around the world of Erdrea there are Tockles (like the silver one picture above) that you have to find, and the Tockles will give you a “pastword.” Learning a new pastword unlocks a new area from a past Dragon Quest game, which you can visit in 2D!

You can head to Tickington where the Tockles live, go to the Altar of Ages, and visit these past worlds. It’s awesome, and I love it!


From my earliest days of playing the PS4 version of Dragon Quest XI in 2018, I was obsessed with the little ghost guys known as the Spirits of Lost Time. I loved them so much that I went out and bought a plush of Kurucchi (the Tockle sidekick from the 3DS version of the game) and even bought a Japanese 2DS and the 3DS version of XI–all without understanding a single word of Japanese!

With the new content of XI S, we’ve learned that these Spirits of Lost Time (or, at least, some of them) are called Tockles. They come in various colors like blue and yellow and red, and they’re hidden all over Erdrea. In my last post, I mentioned that finding Tockles was a lot like mini-medal hunting in that it encourages thorough exploration.

And like mini-medal hunting, searching for Tockles was a highlight of my latest playthrough of the game. It’s probably my favorite part of the new content they added to XI S.

My favorite Tockle is probably Tickle, Ickle’s uncle. He has a bowtie and he’s named Uncle Tickle, which I still find both hilarious and creepy.


Talking to these Tockles means getting a pastword that unlocks a new area from a past Dragon Quest world. Just head on over to the Altar of Ages in Tickington, and you can visit places like the Quester’s Rest Inn in Dragon Quest IX, Chateu Felix in VIII, and even Castle Baramos from III.

You can unlock three different areas for each altar (each game, in other words). Some of these feel like cheats, since one locale is a daytime version and another is just the nighttime version of the same place.

However, overall, it feels like you get just the right amount of past worlds. It’s enough to feel fun and nostalgic, without distracting too heavily from the main story events of XI.

Altar of Ages

Completing all the events in all the areas of an altar means you get a statue of the Hero from that game. Pictured above is the statue I got from completing the stuff from Dragon Quest III. Pretty cool, huh?


Tickington itself is a bit of a letdown in XI S, especially if you played the 3DS version. I understand that not a lot of the Western audience has, but by comparison, I was a bit underwhelmed. There isn’t much to do in the Switch version of Tickington, other than smashing a few pots, talking to a few NPCs, and visiting the Altar of Ages.

Quite a few things seem to have been removed, which I won’t mention here just yet. It is, after all, a fairly new game and I don’t want to spoil stuff.

Altar of Ages

In XI S, the Altar of Ages is where the action is. It’s really the only reason for visiting Tickington at all, and through the books placed on altars, you visit past worlds. I started to list some of my favorite moments from visiting past worlds here, but I realized that post is just much too long. So…

Next week, I plan on talking about the Altar of Ages a lot, and include some of my personal highlights from visiting past worlds.

See you then!

Austin King

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