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Alena from dq4 is best girl

She Don’t Need No Man: The Woman Warrior Archetype in Dragon Quest – DQFM S2 E37

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This week, we’re continuing our talks into archetypes in Dragon Quest games. So far, we’ve discussed the old man and best friend archetypes, and today we’re talking all about woman warriors – those tough ladies who can kick all our butts! Including Austin's wife, Grace!

Dragon Quest has a pretty good history of strong female characters, and today we’re going to talk about them!

What is the Woman Warrior Archetype?

So the woman warrior is a super old archetype, but it’s been suppressed in most societies over the last few thousand years because, ya know, sexism. Basically, it’s a strong female soldier or knight or warrior who saves her people. Oftentimes, you see this archetype cutting their hair to be more boyish — Joan of Arc, Mulan, etc.

Woman Warrior Examples in DQ

DQ 1- doesn’t really have one

DQ 2 – Princess of Moonbrooke doesn’t necessarily fit the archetype perfectly, but honestly, she’s the reason you survive in that game. Even though she takes on more of a role of caretaker/nurse, she’s still pretty awesome.

DQ3 – Female Erdrick, of course!

DQ4 – Alena, obviously

DQ 5 – Bianca…Nera is more of a caretaker/nurse.

DQ 6 – Millie and Ashlynn are both fairly tough, but I wouldn’t say either one fits into the archetype. Millie is definitely more of the white mage-type, and Ashlynn is pretty strong with her spells.

DQ7 – Maribel, that girl be tough as nails. The NPC Mauve that you meet early on is also very much one of these archetypes.

DQ8 – Jessica, even though she’s super sexualized she’s super tough. Like, her personality doesn’t match her character design at all.

DQ9 – The player! If you choose to be a lady!

DQ 10 – AnLucia! In Version 2.0. 

DQ 11 – Jade fits the archetype more than Veronica, even though Veronica is super tough.



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