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Genshin impact lisa character

Genshin Impact Character Spotlight: Lisa

Genshin Impact continues to be the “free to play” darling of 2020 and still shows no signs of slowing down. You love it! We love it! And as much fun as it is to glide around the land of Teyvat, a lot of the appeal lies in its colorful cast of characters. But what makes these characters so lovable and memorable? Let's start with the friendly neighborhood librarian and one of Genshin Impact‘s most memorable characters: Lisa Minci.

Lisa, a Mondstadt librarian and member of the Knights of Favonius, is one of the first characters the Traveler meets upon entering the world of Teyvat. While she might come across as lazy initially, it soon becomes clear that she takes her job as librarian very seriously, and absolutely will not stand for late book returns. When she’s not shaking down procrastinative book-loaners, there’s a pretty good chance she’s taking a nice, long nap.

How To Get Lisa In Genshin Impact

Lisa is also notable for being one of a handful of characters in Genshin Impact that you can play as without using the Wish “gacha” mechanic. Her introductory dungeon serves as a tutorial for some of the game’s elemental mechanics, where you have a chance to practice using her Electro abilities and Elemental Burst. Once you complete the dungeon, Lisa becomes a permanent member of your roster. She might not earn a place in the highest tier of characters, but she’s perfect for the first 10-15 Adventurer Ranks.

Lisa's Character Builds In Genshin Impact

As a master of the Electro element, Lisa uses her spell books to toss electric balls of energy at enemies. If the enemy was previously afflicted by a Hydro attack, the enemy becomes “electro-charged” and suffers from damage-over-time (DOT). Lisa’s Elemental Burst causes Electro DOTs to any enemy within its dome. This can be expanded by holding down the burst button. Be sure to equip her with a weapon that complements her elemental leanings, like the Favonius Codex.

Personality-wise, Lisa is as eager to educate the Traveler as she is to flirt with them. Always ready to pounce at an opportunity for some alone time with the Traveler, Lisa’s, um, extreme friendliness leads to some memorably quirky dialogue moments. One of the funniest moments involves Lisa turning a trip through Mondstadt to collect overdue books into a date with the Traveler, complete with gift-giving options. Make the right choices, and Lisa just might become your new BFF!

Lisa becomes replaceable by the time you take down the game’s first major boss, but her elemental prowess and fun personality make her a preferred companion for the opening chapters. With a little tutelage from the resident librarian-witch (and a little from us if you need a few beginner’s tips!), your Traveler will find their place in the vibrant world of Teyvat. 

Is Lisa your go-to Electro user? If not, who do you prefer? Let us know in the comments!

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