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Q&A With Our Creators: Capsulejay!

Throughout our Spring Fever Party we were taking a closer look into the inner workings of our creators. The party is over, but the AFTER-PARTY isn't! Actually, I just missed posting this. Sorry, Capsulejay!!!! That means… you get a bonus Question and Answer post from Capsulejay!! Get to know this amazing individual a little better. See who you would want having your back during the zombie apocalypse. Today's Q&A comes to us from the one and only, the twitching extraordinaire, Capsulejay!

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1. Who are you? What do you do for Geek to Geek?

Capsulejay. I host a chill video game stream with a focus on retro games, indies, and RPGs on Twitch. I also do community management for Geek to Geek, running our esports league and anime club.

2. How did you start writing/podcasting/streaming?

I started streaming as a participant in the Four Job Fiesta, a Final Fantasy 5-themed charity event. I had such a good time streaming for that event, I decided to start streaming on a regular basis.Fun Fact: I was inspired to start participating in the Fiesta after hearing about it on the Geek to Geek Podcast, which first began covering the event in episode 15

3. How did you become affiliated with Geek to Geek?

I was a fan of the Geek to Geek podcast from the very beginning and began exploring the rest of the network’s content from there. My first role as a member of the network was moderating our now-defunct subReddit, which was the birthplace of our anime club.

4. Why would you consider yourself a geek?

When I’m into something, I get really into it. When something catches my interest, I don’t just want to know about the thing itself, but its history, the culture around it, etc.

5. Who is your favorite superhero?

Batman. I like the way his stories mix traditional superhero themes with film noir mystery and horror elements.

6. What skills do you have to survive the zombie apocalypse?

I’m pretty good at improvising and crafting with random junk. Also, I can probably outrun most people I know. (Sorry slower running friends, but y’all are gonna be zombie snacks before me!)

7. What is your favorite type of geekery? (movies, tabletop games, video games, books)

This is an easy one for me, video games, hands down. They represent a fusion of technology and art that I just can’t get enough of.

8. How did you get into that?

My grandmother taught me how to play Donkey Kong when I was 3 years old and I’ve been hooked ever since.

9. How many square feet of pizza can you eat?

I could probably eat a whole large (16-inch) pizza if I wanted to, but I’m not sure what that comes out to in square feet. But since this is a geek website, let’s figure it out… A = πr2 = π(16″/2)2 =π *64 = 201.062 square inches ≈  1.4 square feet

10.What is your favorite form of exercise? How will that help with the zombies in question 6?

Running. At this point, I’ve run the Atlanta Marathon twice and many half marathons and other shorter races.

11.Favorite song?

It changes all the time, but right now it’s “Golden Skans” by Klaxons

12.Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars. I love sword duels and aerial dogfights, regardless of whether they happen on Earth or in outer space!

13.Favorite board/card game?

Settlers of Catan. Any board game that can get people to argue about the exchange rate of sheep and wood is a good board game.

14.Super Mario Bros or Zelda?

This is painful, but if I had to choose just one, I’d go with Zelda. Zelda was the game that got me to go beyond just playing basic arcade-style games and dig into games with puzzles, stories, and mysteries.

15.Which 3 Geek to Geek members would you want on your team in the zombie apocalypse? Why?

  1. Data_Error – He’s an avid camper and hiker, so his skills would really come in handy
  2. Chelsea – She knows how to fly under the radar when the situation calls for it, perfect for stealthily sneaking past zombies.
  3. Mr. Alarm – He has seen so many horror movies and played so many horror games that he is probably desensitized to zombies, meaning that he won’t panic when he sees them.

16.What is the most embarrassing fashion fad you have ever rocked?

I had a punk/goth phase as a teen, so I had a closet full of baggy black pants and a bunch of t-shirts with skulls, flames, dragons, etc on them.

17.If aliens asked you to go with them… would you?

Maybe if it was Doctor Who. Otherwise, probably not.

18.If you could be any character in a video or tabletop game… who would you want to be?

Probably Kirby. He lives in a world full of cute, mostly harmless creatures, and gets to eat whatever he wants all the time.

19.Favorite Disney movie?


20.What fruit or vegetable would you prefer for throwing at zombies?

I actually really like fruits and vegetables, so throwing them at zombies seems like a waste… maybe a durian since they’re covered in spikes and might actually do some damage.

21.What was the last TV show you binge-watched?

Demon Slayer; I had to get caught up for the premiere of the film!

22.If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?

Sneak aboard an international flight to a destination I’ve always wanted to visit but couldn’t afford the airfare to… oh wait, how would I get back?! 😅

23.What is your favorite snack food?

Tortilla chips and salsa

24.Name one cool feature you would add to your dream house if you could

A game room with a massive screen that could also double as a movie theater.

25.What is the most random, rare form of geekery you love?

Stuff from the 1930s and 1940s, particularly film noir and classic cocktails.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Being a part of Geek to Geek has been an amazing experience! I’m so glad to have met all of our creators and our awesome community!

Where can people find you?

Twitter, Twitch (I stream most Tuesday and Thursday nights and Sunday mornings) and, of course, on the Geek to Geek Media Discord

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