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Snorlax pikachu lamp

I’m a Big Fan of my Pokemon Snorlax Lamp from Teknofun (Review)

It's no surprise that many of us here at Geek to Geek Media are huge fans of the Pokémon franchise. We have written synopsis articles, reviews, and even talked about it alongside rainbow unicorn cakes. So what else is there? Merch of course! Like this Snorlax and Pikachu lamp from Teknofun.

Now, as a disclaimer, this item was provided by Teknofun for review purposes, but look at this thing! How could I turn down the opportunity to have these adorable little pocket monsters in my home?

Snorlax pikachu lamp

I couldn't, and I am really glad I didn't. I love these little fellas.

It's a Lamp!

This Snorlax and Pikachu lamp is absolutely adorable! Snorlax lays on his back, snoozing on your nightstand, with Pikachu also asleep, curled up on Snorlax’s tummy. The characters are happy and peaceful. Every part is well-crafted. Illuminated or not, the lamp is an artistic accent for every Pokéfan’s bedroom.

Bathroom snorlax
Would work great in a Snorlax bathroom too

Review copy or not, I am so happy this is now in my Snorlax collection. For those of you who don't know, I am kind of mad about Snorlax, and this one's pretty near the top of my list.

It's really Cute!

The detail is really sharp and the construction fairly sturdy compared to many novelty lamps. This isn’t surprising; Madcow Teknofun is known for making high quality, interactive products. With similar companies’ work—even licensed products—you might expect the colors to blur or the parts to break or chip.


But this lamp does seem to be pretty durable. It sustains normal bumps and small drops (for science! *cough*) without affecting the exterior or electronics. Even Pikachu’s tail, sitting precariously at the apex, is well affixed and able to withstand impacts from typical handling.

Soothing Glow

Unlike some of their other lamps, this one does not contain a digital clock. It simply emits a soothing, soft glow from Snorlax’s tummy and a slightly brighter glow from Pickachu. There are two settings, a constant illumination or a gentle pulse, as if waxing and waning with Snorlax’s breathing. Neither setting is bright enough to read by, but also isn’t too bright to prevent sleep.

Honestly, that's just perfect for how I plan on using it. It's very, very comforting. And if you have kids, this one would make for a great nightlight for a child's room.

Lights off picture

Options for wired or batteries

One of the things I like about this lamp is that in addition to being wireless, operating off of 3 AAA batteries, it also has a wired option. It comes with a USB cable to connect with a powered USB outlet or wall outlet adaptor (but you’ll have to provide your own). It’s not that LED lighting requires a lot of juice, I just like having the option to plug my nerdy electronics into a permanent source of power.

Overhead shot

Where to Buy?!

Everything made by Teknofun is designed and crafted by them, but made under license from well-known Japanese IPs. They’re a wonderful way for Westerners to get good quality Pokémon, Pac-Man, or Hello Kitty swag (among others) without busting the bank. Check them out and throw a pokeball at your own Snorlax lamp!

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