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G2G – S5E36 – Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered – “The first one is most excellent”

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The remastered edition of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles just launched, and Void and I had planned on buying it and playing the heck out of it for a long time. But as more announcements came out about how it was being handled, the less likely we were to get it. We decided, however, to try the Lite version (demo) that gave access to the first 3 dungeons in the game, and let anyone who connected to a full account have full access. This is what we thought of it all.

How much did we play of FFC RE?

Void finished the lite version myrrh collection. BJ saw every dungeon but couldn't get people to join his lobbies. So he never was able to actually finish the dungeons or areas.

B.J. said “I think there are good things and I knew it was gonna be dated since it’s a GameCube game, but they botched the online something terrible”

The single player portion of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition is not fun at all. And the multiplayer matchmaking needs help. Plus, there's no local multiplayer. Over WiFi or on the same console. It seems like quick matchmaking seems to be the right way to play this game.

Once you get involved with other people, FFCC is an entirely different game.Only the Host gets the myrrh. So if you hop in with someone else…no luck. It took Void and Beej between 2-3 hours for each myrrh they got.

FFCC Remastered Quick Hits

Lots of GameCube era energy. The menus are kinda horrible. Load times (load times should not be like this on Switch or PS4). It feels like a bunch of abilities that should be one button take multiple button presses.

The overworld map flute/recorder music started driving me insane. But it is so insanely catchy. Beej went to bed with it echoing in his head hours after he turned it off.


Void – “I’m not going to grab the full version but it’s such an interesting look back into the past of multiplayer gaming and a fascinating historic artifact (this game is 17 years old). I think I would love to see the core premise of this game taken and brought up to modern standards with completely different gameplay. Could be good.”

Beej – If they patched this to include NPC Party members when solo, all members get myrrh, and better matchmaking servers, it would be a totally different game. Add in load-time optimization, and it would go a long way.”

Weekly Geekery


  • Lovecraft Country on HBO is amazing.
    • Void will hate it
    • Beej is all-in
    • Legit scary
    • Handles race like Watchmen did
      • HP Lovecraft was a heinous racist. His fiction and mythos and Supernatural Horror in Literature (buy the annotated one by S.T. Joshi) are excellent, but marred by how often his racism creeps in.
      • Which makes me as a white guy incredibly uncomfortable to watch — and that's part of the point.
    • Reading the book now, too.
      • Oddly, it's written by a white guy, so I am interested in seeing how the book and show play out. Then I am gonna do a ton of reading about the behind-the-scenes stuff.
  • Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure/Bogus Journey
    • The first is most excellent
    • The second is most heinous


  • Soda Dungeon 2 is a fun clicker on mobile. Will last about 2 weeks.
  • Spirit Farer 
    • I think you’re really supposed to take it slow but I’m just not in the mood for that. I wanted more progression and story
    • It does a good job at setting the mood and letting you bask in it so I think it’s succeeding at what it’s trying to do
  • Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4: Marvel
    • It’s Canon!
    • Thor / Galactus
      • Summon a bunch of Marvel heroes
    • Beating Doctor Doom will grant you superpowers! You can get other Mythic items across the map, too, and they each give you superpowers, too.
    • There's a whole area of destroyed Sentinels, a Black Panther statue, doing all kinds of quests for Mjolnir and whatnot. Sentinels Area.
  • Fun, comic booky, bright and colorful
    • More fun than I had with the Avengers beta
    • Be Thor and then complete challenges to unlock more of his looks and emotes. Find his hammer, visit the bifrost marks on the map, emote from the top of a mountain in the ruins
    • Wolverine and finding his claw marks

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