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Playing D&D for Charity – Exploring the Tomb of Some Dead Guy

The creators at Geek to Geek Media got together recently to raise money for the Extra Life charity. Our DM Todd put together a short, one-shot adventure for D&D called “Exploring the Tomb of Some Dead Guy” for us to live-play and stream to get some donations.

As you might expect, hilarity ensued as we learned how to use Roll20 while Beej stood in the fire and developed a pretty solid case of pyroarachnophobia. Yes, that's fear of fire spiders. Yikes.

Todd managed to find that sweet spot between silliness and fun, while dealing with players who couldn't figure out how not to poke their hands in dark holes or how to keep their balance when they're trying to cross a river of lava. We may be cool, fun people, but we never said that our INT modifiers were that good. Hah!

If you want to see how this adventure ended, be sure to check out the video above or find it on the Geek to Geek Media YouTube channel. Keep in mind, that channel is brand-spankin' new, so this is actually our first video. Give us a subscribe, like, comment, ring the bell, all the rest of that fun YouTube jargon that you hear daily from everyone.

We can't speak highly enough of the tools out there for us to do this, like Roll20. Todd was able to make our map from scratch using assets from their marketplace, the dynamic lighting was super fun to play with, and in no way did it feel like playing a video game, like some virtual tabletops can. Overall, our very first G2G actual-play Dungeons & Dragons stream was a huge success, I'd say.

RPing for Charity

This was an absolute fantastic experience for all of us, and we'd love for you to take a look at it and let us know what you think. We have some live-play RPG streams already over at BamaShockz' Twitch channel where he DMs King of the Heal multiple sessions each week. Plus there's an upcoming live-play GURPS podcast on the network called As the Dice Roll that we cannot wait to go live.

Over the course of the day, CapsuleJay streamed Mario 64 for 10 hours, Elinzia took over the Two Point Hospital, and overall we raised nearly $400 for the Extra Life charity and the Children's Miracle Network. And that feels good. We couldn't have done it without you, though.

Now, this was our very first live-play RPG experience, so let us know what you think and if you want us to do more like it. We have always been huge tabletop gaming fans here at G2G, and we've been working on ways to bring that into view more often for our audience.

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