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Hu Tao – Genshin Impact Character Spotlight

Last week’s spotlight was shone on Chongyun, the Cryo exorcist from Liyue. We’re sticking with the same mystical region for this week’s character. But Instead, we're focusing on someone a little more comfortable with their fiery side. Yup, we're looking at Hu Tao, the newest playable character in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact hu tao

A Mischievous Mortician

Hu Tao is the 77th Director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor in Liyue Harbor. She is far from the gloomy and serious type you would expect her to be. On the contrary, she is more likely to sing one of her childlike rhymes (and oh does she like to sing them, over and over… and over.) than recite the latest Liyue obituary. That being said, Hu Tao takes her funerary job very seriously and shows the utmost respect to the recently deceased.

Ghooooooooooost from hu tao

Often seen flitting about Wuwang Hill with her coattails trailing behind, her eccentric nature and penchant for pranks make her a divisive personality amongst the ranks of the Traveler’s companions. Fortunately, she is first and foremost interested in entertaining herself. Though her moonlight-inspired poetry has become increasingly popular with the citizens of Liyue.

Hu Tao is a Pyro Prodigy

Hu Tao is a polearm-wielding Pyro master, like a certain other character from Liyue (spoiler: it's Xiangling). But Hu Tao uses her elemental abilities in a completely unique manner. Hu Tao’s Elemental Skill, Guide to Afterlife, puts her in a “Paramita Papilio” state at the cost of 30% of her health. 

While in the Paramito Papilio state, all of Hu Tao’s attacks deal increased DMG and are imbued with Pyro for a short period of time. While in this state, she can also use a charged attack to apply a “Blood Blossom” status to enemies, which periodically causes additional Pyro DMG.

Hu Tao pyro build

For her Elemental Burst, Spirit Soother, Hu Tao swings a seemingly unwilling spirit around in a circle, causing massive Pyro DMG to enemies around her. The Elemental Burst also recovers a bit of her health for each enemy hit (up to five). Plus its effects are increased if her health is below 50%.

The Best Hu Tao Build

You have the potential to inflict massive amounts of Pyro DMG with her. Because of that, she should be equipped with artifacts that boost Elemental attacks. The Crimson Witch of Flame artifact set is perfect, as it boosts both Pyro DMG and the effects of Elemental Reactions. The artifact set can be found in the Hidden Palace of Zhou Abyssal Domain, accessible at Rank 30.

Look at that ghost!

As for weaponry, the Staff of Homa perfectly suits Hu Tao, though it’s… let’s just say notoriously difficult to obtain via the current weapon banner. For those lucky enough to snag one, the Staff of Homa increases attack DMG when its wielder has less than 50% health, which should allow Hu Tao to tear through her adversaries while waiting for her Elemental Burst cooldown.

How to Get Hu Tao in the Moment of Bloom Banner

Hu Tao is a five-star character, featured in the Moment of Bloom banner. Other characters the banner contains are Chongyun, Xingqiu, and Xiangling. The Moment of Bloom banner lasts from March 2 until March 16. The banner itself offers an increased chance to obtain Hu Tao. If you have not pulled a five-star character with any of your recent wishes, the game will show you a little mercy. You get a majorly increased chance of pulling the new Pyro Mortician from the banner if you've had a dry spell on five-stars.

hu tao banner in genshin impact

Are you on board with Hu Tao’s high risk/reward style of play? Who is your favorite Pyro user in Genshin Impact? And if you haven’t started your adventure in Teyvat yet, be sure to check out Geek to Geek Media’s Genshin Impact Guide for Beginners!

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