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Mario strikers june 2022

Nintendo Switch Game to Play in June

Happy Pride Month, everybody! When you're not out celebrating the you that you are or watching the plethora of gaming announcements heading our way, here are some games to settle in and play on the Nintendo Swtich!

Silt – June 1

Games with underwater settings and horror elements are my jam. And by jam, I mean the stuff of my personal nightmares. The black and white presentation and eerie atmosphere of Silt are sure to get under my skin in the best way possible. Pray for my sanity as I hide from– I mean, confront, mysterious underwater creatures.

Card Shark – June 2

Card Shark‘s striking art style sets it apart from other genre mash-ups. It's an adventure game, but it's a card game, but… it's also a mystery with stealth elements! I'm intrigued, to say the least, and excited to see the many ways that I am able to deceive friend and foe alike for the sake of money.
– Steve

Behind the Frame – June 2

I was a huge fan of this point-and-click indie puzzler back when it first launched! While the first game's art-forward story ran a bit on the short side, it never ceased to delight; the Switch release comes with a new story arc that should make this even more enticing. If you missed it on Steam, the Switch version with its touchpad controls may be the best way to explore this quaint, one-room adventure.
– Data_Error

Souldiers – June 2

There are a lot of games that push themselves as Souls-like Metroidvania experiences, but Souldiers could be something really special. Check out my initial impressions to see why!
– TroytlePower

Loopers – June 2

I adore KEY Visual Arts, but they've had a very hit-and-miss track record in recent years. Luckily, their core visual novel work is hanging in there, and Loopers might be their most eye-catching project at the moment. Boasting Ryukishi07 on its writing staff – famous for the Higurashi series of visual novels – this is sure to be an interesting team-up.
– Data_Error

Wonder Boy Collection – June 3

We're big fans of Wonder Boy here – resident streamer CapsuleJay especially. A re-release of classic games would be exciting enough, but what really makes this collection special is that this isn't the only version of these games on the market. Most of the Wonder Boy games here have been remade or ported before, but now ININ is giving us the original versions all in one place. Cheers to those involved for making both options available to fans!
– Data_Error

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords – June 8

The original Knights of the Old Republic is a revered RPG classic. 2004's Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords? Not so much – but it's still a darn fine game in its own right. Developed by Obsidian Entertainment (the first game was made by BioWare, of Mass Effect fame), KOTOR 2 showcases its developers well-known ambition as well as their, um… let's say penchant for bugs and technical issues. The upcoming Switch remaster will include “restored” content that was planned for the original release.
– Steve

Mario Strikers: Battle League – June 10

I always loved the aesthetic of Mario Strikers, but missed the original GameCube release. Battle League boasts all that same rough-yet-playful energy, plus a more organized online experience that I'm raring to dig into. Even after just playing the demo's tutorial, it's clear that this game has oodles of mechanical depth. Be sure to check out the network test this weekend, too!
– Data_Error

Shadowrun Trilogy – June 21

The famous tabletop RPG, Shadowrun, had a massive digital resurgence (with some crowdfunding assistance) in 2013 with Shadowrun Returns and its follow-ups, Shadowrun Dragonfall and Shadowrun Hong Kong. All three games are making their way to the Switch in their extended/”Director's Cut” forms, and I personally can't wait to mow down some grimy cyber-orcs on the go.
– Steve

Wreckfest – June 21

I've always been a big fan of racing games. I also am a big fan of making a huge mess with epic crashes (in a safe, virtual environment). Wreckfest looks like it should be awesome. I normally wouldn't think of playing a game like this on Nintendo but I'm interested to see how well the Switch handles it.
– Elinzia

Fall Guys – June 21

Fall Guys made quite the splash when it premiered on PlayStation 4 and Steam in 2020. The colorful “party royale” game is finally making its way to Switch with a new “free-to-play” format. I had a ton of fun knocking rival “beans” off of platforms, Wipeout-style, and am looking forward to seeing what wacky licensed costumes make their way to this new version of the game.
– Steve

Sonic Origins – June 23

I loved Sonic growing up. I saved up my money and got myself a SEGA Genesis so I could play it, and never regretted it. While I haven't played for decades, I am excited to try playing through the old classics and see if they live up to my memories.

Pocky & Rocky Reshrined – June 24

Pocky & Rocky Reshrined reimagines the classic SNES game, Pocky & Rocky, with upgraded graphics and remixed level designs. This game stands out from most other shmups with its primarily ground-based combat and traditional Japanese setting. To top it off, it has a local co-op mode, so you can run-and-gun with a friend!
– Capsulejay

Capcom Fighting Collection – June 24

Capcom's 35th anniversary brings us this collection of fighting games. Just watching the trailer for it brought back fond memories of various arcade games I played. For fighting game aficionados, this collection should be a fun addition to your game library.
– Elinzia

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes – June 24

Fire Emblem is one of my turn-based strategy series, and Nintendo and developer Intelligent Systems knocked it out of the park with 2019's Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Three Hopes eschews the strategy in favor of Dynasty Warriors-inspired “one versus thousands” 3D action, but keeps the same cast of lovable war academy scamps. I'm sticking with the Black Eagles, personally. How about you?
– Steve

Birushana: Rising Flower of Genpei – June 28

While I've dabbled, otome games are hardly my area of expertise. Instead, check out this Twitter thread take you through all the reasons to put the historical-fantasy Birushana on your radar. When the fans' enthusiasm shines through this clearly, you absolutely have to pay attention.
– Data_Error

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – June 30

Monster Hunter is on a hot streak in the West, and Rise only keeps building more on its modern success. Sunbreak may technically be a routine expansion, sure. But with the amount of story content, mechanical refinements, and new monster variety it brings? It deserves nearly as much anticipation as a new installment. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to go sharpen my Insect Glaive in preparation.
– Data_Error

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