Weekly Cheapery: Strange Field Football

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Game: Strange Field Football
Release Date: January 28, 2021
Price: $6.99
Rating: Everyone 10+
Platform: Switch
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I’m a huge fan of sports games that aren’t quite right. Golf Story is one of my favorite games on the Switch. Dodgeball Academia is a delightful RPG that happens to use dodgeball matches in place of battles. Super Blood Hockey is the best hockey game on the Switch, and also your characters might die of ruptured reproductive organs. All of these super weird games succeed because they have a well-developed gameplay loop that takes a wild turn.

- weekly cheapery: strange field football

Strange Field Football is the latest “what is even happening” sports game I’ve fallen in love with. At its core, it’s a pretty decent, barebones soccer game. There are no tournament or career modes here, just exhibition games where two teams of five pixel-art characters go head-to-head for a few minutes. You can pass, shoot, slide tackle, and jump through arenas that manage to convey a pixel art design with 3d rendering. The core gameplay looks and feels like the team behind River City Ransom made a soccer game.

- weekly cheapery: strange field football

The wild turn in Strange Field Football is the strange fields that you play on. Soccer is great, but have you ever considered what a pickup match in front of the garages at a bus terminal would look like? I mean, you’d have busses just driving through the match constantly, running people over. What about playing soccer in a factory full of conveyor belts? There are only six total levels to play on, but each one has its own ridiculous feel.

- weekly cheapery: strange field football

It will only take you an afternoon to see everything Strange Field Football has to offer, but it’s an afternoon I really think you’ll enjoy. Your best bet is to grab a friend or three and just pop this one on for a laugh.

Troy Dunham

Troy Dunham

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