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Why farming simulator 22 is part of my new years resolutions

Why Farming Simulator 22 Is Part Of My New Years Resolutions

The New Year is upon us. A time where many people make resolutions on how to improve themselves in some way or other. Whether it's losing weight, beating x number of video games, or learning a new skill, it is a time of year where people like to set goals. One of my goals this year happens to be finding more peace and calm. This is where Farming Simulator 22 comes in.

What Is Farming Simulator 22?

First, let me briefly explain what Farming Simulator 22 is for anyone who doesn't already know. It's a farming simulator. And the 22 is for 2022. Yeah, the name isn't too creative.

Farming in farming simulator 22

You read that correctly. Simulated farming. In fact, there is an awesome podcast in our Geek to Geek network that you should absolutely check out called Farming Simulated.

In Farming Simulator you create and build your own farm. Using all the fun heavy machinery we love too! You can plant seeds, fertilize, weed, harvest, and transport crops to sell and make money. You also can have livestock, do some lumberjacking, or just drive around town and explore. There are contracts (side quests basically) you can do for other farmers to earn some quick money, and always new machinery to save up for.

My brother has been a big fan of the Farming Simulator games for years and has tried to get me into them before. Perhaps I wasn't ready. I couldn't see how driving an extremely slow tractor up and down straight lines of a field was fun. I tried a couple of times but got overwhelmed with all the machinery, seeds, and steps to create a good crop. Inevitably, I would go back to my more hack n' slash style of games and leave Farming Simulator in the dust.

Elinzia, how does this relate to your New Years Resolutions?

I don't make a lot of New Years Resolutions generally. I've learned my lesson. I have a hard time keeping them past January 2nd. However, I always have a theme for the year which is essentially my New Years Resolution. This year, my theme is “peace”. I want to find more contentment and peace in my life. Yoga, meditation, gratitude journals, and more can help with this. But what about video games? I spend a good deal of my free time playing games. How can they factor into this goal?

Seasons in farming simulator
<em>A collage of the seasons in Farming Simulator 22<em>

Recently I have gotten heavily into Farming Simulator 22. The game that I once found boring finally planted its seed in my heart. You see, this game is the most peaceful game I have ever played. Turn on some music or a podcast and just enjoy the beautiful scenery and reachable goals (which always give a bit of a dopamine hit). Or, play multiplayer with friends and just chill out and enjoy each other's company. Spend time wandering around the maps looking for hidden things like the toy farming equipment down by the river. The game is soothing and peaceful.

Farm buildings in farming simulator 22

I recently found that while sitting back and playing Farming Simulator 22 while sipping on some tea and listening to Christmas Music that I was feeling incredibly hygge. I was calm and happy and everything just felt…comfortable. That's when I realized that this game is perfect for my 2022 theme of peace.

As Bamashockz (one of the hosts of the Farming Simulated podcast) says: “If you've ever wanted to play a game that's 100 percent zen and chill, this is the game for you. Remember, never judge a book by its cover.”

Finding some moments of quiet

Snow plow

Does this mean I am going to stop playing games like Elder Scrolls or Torchlight? No. Definitely not. However, it is about stepping back and paying attention to what my soul needs. If I've had a hectic and stressful day…perhaps spending some calming time in Farming Simulator 22 would be more relaxing and beneficial for me than Tribes of Midgard. If I am already aware that playing Hearthstone makes me have irrational rage…why would I choose to play it when I could play something that makes me feel zen instead?

It's all about choices.

And if you are looking for more peace in your life, Farming Simulator 22 may just be worth some of your time.

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