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A Zelda: Skyward Sword Switch Version Really Needs to Happen

Rumors about a Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Switch remake or remaster come and go. Ever since the Switch launched, we’ve been hoping for the both-loved-and-maligned Wii game to finally become a Switchward Sword. Heh, see what I did there?)

There are tons of games we all wish to see on the Switch, and Zelda: Skyward Sword is toward the top of that list. The newest rumors popped up last weekend, when Amazon UK listed the game for Switch. That listing has been taken down now, but there’s still hope! Skyward Sword on Switch totally needs to happen!

A Bigger Audience = A Bigger Success

Zelda games have always been popular, but Breath of the Wild escalated the series to new heights of popularity. The original Skyward Sword came out in honor of the series’s 25th Anniversary, and next year is the Big 3-5. It’s the perfect timing for a new Zelda: Skyward Sword to release, and it makes a whole lot of sense. The Switch is the second best-selling home console Nintendo has ever had, which means a bigger audience would easily equal bigger success for the game.

Skyward Sword Is Important To The Series

The original game was a beautiful, watercolor dream that let you fly through the sky on a giant red bird and visit floating islands. It’s a cool concept, right? And Skyward Sword serves as an origin story for the ENTIRE SERIES! That makes it an important entry for any Zelda fan, and it deserves to be released on a console that makes it accessible. When the game originally released, the Wii was near the end of its lifespan, and the digital release on the Wii U wasn’t that great because Wii U sales were abysmal. It’s the perfect storm to make Skyward Sword a BIG success!

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What About Zelda: Skyward Sword’s Motion Controls on Switch?

People complain about Skyward Sword‘s motion controls ALL the time. But you know what? That wouldn’t be a big deal on Switch. Nintendo could easily relegate all the motion controls to the joysticks. They’ve done it before with the optional motion controls in Super Mario Odyssey and Paper Mario: The Origami King. Those motion controls are easy to toggle on and off, so it’s just as easy to do the same thing for Skyward Sword on Switch.

Hopefully, we’ll get more news soon. Nintendo loves to keep their little secrets. We might not get official news on Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for Switch until it’s a month away from release. And in the meantime, there are other great Zelda games to play like Breath of the Wild and Link’s Awakening on Switch.

B.J. Keeton

B.J. Keeton

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