Dragon Quest FM, Episode 29: Mother, Earthbound, and Dragon Quest with Dan from GameApartment 1C

This week on Dragon Quest FM, B.J. wasn’t available. Thankfully, we already had plans to hang out with Dan from Game Apartment 1C! Dan hung out with Austin, where they talked about Dan’s history with the Dragon Quest series, including his favorite mainline and spin-off games! From there, they discussed topics like fairytales in the DQ series, games like Wizardry and Ultima, and where they think Dragon Quest games will go after XI.

In the second half of the show, Dan and Austin talk about Mother/Earthbound and how it compares, contrasts, and relates to Dragon Quest. We end the night with a brief discussion about Dragon Quest XI S and where we think RPGs are headed in the future (spoiler: we’re both hoping for more turn-based games!).

You can follow Dan on Twitter @Gameapartment1C

On Twitch: https://m.twitch.tv/ga1c/profile


Dragon Quest FM

Dragon Quest FM

Dragon Quest FM is a weekly Dragon Quest podcast hosted by Austin and B.J.!


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