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DQFM S1E12 – Dragon Quest News and Announcements – “Moonwalk right out the door”

This past week, we got tons of Dragon Quest news! We got heroes in Smash, the release of Dragon Quest Your Story in Japan, some news about DQ X that makes us want to cry, and some exciting updates about Dragon Quest XI S!

Hero in Super Smash Bros Ultimate!

Neither of us really play Smash, but we’re really excited for all of you who do. 

  • –RNG
  • –Thwack
  • –Petitions to not let heroes into tournaments? Wtf?
  • –BJ wants to GameFly smash and buy the DQ stuff for under 10 bucks just to play it
  • –Might do this or get a used copy when he goes to see Austin next week

Dragon Quest XI S!

  • –There’s a demo coming, although no release date has been given.
  • –The save file transfers over, and you get a Skill Seed for transferring data –“The One Descended from Erdrick” premium hero card in DQ Rivals (which is in Japanese)
  • –Confirmed that we can visit DQ X as one of the past worlds
  • –Erik gets a new outfit, it’s the “North Leather Style” from the manga by Hiro Mashima (Fairy Tail). The manga debuts on August 21st. It’s just a one-off. 
  • –It’s redeemed from a code that comes with a book (haven’t announced what the book is yet) (maybe some hardcover edition of the manga? Since it premieres in an issue of V-Jump magazine???
  • –SE confirmed a harder version of Draconian Quest where all the party have Shypox.


Announcing our Upcoming Q&A episode!

Email us at social at dragonquest dot fm or tweet it to us or leave us a message at

Dragon Quest Your Story was released in Japan

  • –Spoiler discussion on the Dragon Quest Inn Discord – 
  • –People dislike the ending
  • –We both know the ending but still want to watch the movie.

Spotlight on Dragon's Den (Woodus) (Dragon’s Den) is a great fan site all about Dragon Quest. It’s been around since 1997!  

–Many of you listening will know about it already and probably visit it quite often. Woodus and the Dragon’s Den group do a great job within the community, and we wanted to give them a nice shout out today.

–Also, they have a personality quiz–where you can see which DQ character you are. So, B.J. is going to take the test really quickly, and then we’re going to discuss it. Lolz.

–Austin always gets Nevan. He’s gonna retake it alongside B.J. and see if it’s Nevan again.

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