DQFM – 18 – Final Fantasy vs Dragon Quest

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This week, we’ve got a special episode for our Patreon patron, Ty. We have a thoughtful and friendly discussion about Final Fantasy versus Dragon Quest. We thought it’d be cool to compare numbered Final Fantasy games to its DQ counterparts. We’re both Final Fantasy fans as well, so it was cool to get to discuss I-XI and talk about their strengths and weaknesses.

Along the way, we talk about familiar tropes in each series, how the games influenced one another at different times, and which games within the series we find overrated (and underrated). We also talk about the cool Dragon Quest XI body art Austin’s aunt did (link is below), and then it’s back to discussing some of our favorite characters from each series, and why we love the games we do.

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Boss Fights Book for Final Fantasy V: https://amzn.to/30gZkOT

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Dragon Quest FM

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