Dragon Quest FM S2E3: "Legend of the Hero Abel" Anime Discussion

Welcome to a special anime-focused episode of Dragon Quest FM! This week, we're discussing the Dragon Quest anime series, known as The Legend of the Hero Abel. The first thirteen episodes aired in English as Dragon Warrior in the early '90s, and we've been streaming the Japanese episodes with English subtitles. We've also been discussing this a TON in our Binge Club of the anime on Twitter and Discord, which you can still join!

In this week's (mostly) spoiler free episode, we're discussing the main characters of the anime, how the anime ties into games within the mainline series, and differences in the English dub episodes from the Japanese ones. We also have a special shoutout to our newest Patreon patron, Timothy!

A special thank you to everyone in our Binge Club for giving us suggested topics and letting us nerd out about Dragon Quest with you!

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Portions of this episode also appeared on Austin's blog. You can find that article right HERE.

Dragon Quest FM

Dragon Quest FM

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