Dragon Quest FM, S2 E9:Dragon Quest X (Part One): Austin in Astoltia

This week on Dragon Quest FM we're discussing Dragon Quest X! Austin started the game on Nintendo Switch a few weeks ago, and B.J. booted it up over the weekend. Yes, the game is still completely in Japanese, but you can play it without a VPN and the trial version lets you get through all of the content of 1.0 and more! If you want to read how to do that, you can read all about it right here.

Picking up from last week, we start our discussion with how to play the game itself. Austin breaks it all down, and B.J. gives his pointers for problems you might encounter during set-up. Along the way, we talk about the pros and cons of using the Google Translate app to translate everything for us. And why did Austin start texting angry Beyoncé lyrics at B.J.? You'll have to listen to find out!

We also talk about some quests (specifically ones that help you unlock important gameplay mechanics), and how Dragon Quest X compares to another big Square Enix MMO: Final Fantasy XIV. That includes being able to hire NPCs to help you with tasks, using ruler stones to teleport around, and enormous landscapes to explore!

If you'd like the read the Woodus/Dragon's Den guide B.J. recommends on the show, you can that right here. You can also find Nawaria's YouTube walkthroughs by clicking here. A special thanks to some of our Twitter friends for providing links to helpful guides and faqs: @ThatRyanMolina, @ZeroExe, and @RuraCypress.

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Austin King

Austin King

I love my wife, my three daughters, JRPGs, & old wooden ships. I write stuff. Obsessed with #DragonQuest. Podcast: @dragonquestfm


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