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Minishoot’ Adventures is my Favorite Game of the Year

Even as someone who doesn't love twin-stick gameplay, Minishoot' Adventures take on the Zelda formula is fantastic!

Games Inspired By Other Games at PAX West 2023

These PAX West games wear their inspirations on their sleeves, on their pants legs, and on neon headbands on their…

Super Dungeon Maker has good bones, and now it’s in the community’s hands to make it great!

Nintendo won't give us Zelda Maker, but the new indie release Super Dungeon Maker gets very, very close.

Blossom Tales II: The Minotaur Prince Calls Zelda Out with an Awesome Water Temple

Blossom Tales II: The Minotaur Prince starts off with an excellent water temple in a bid for favorable comparisons to…

10 Must Play “Legend of Zelda” Games!

So I've narrowed down a list of the 10 most essential Zelda games and ranked them to the best of…

Headland Review: A Surreal, Zelda-like Collectathon

Headland feels a little generic, but snappy gameplay and some surrealistic elements make this short game a delight.

Weekly Cheapery: Death’s Door – A Dreary Delight

Death's Door's atmosphere and story work in concert beautifully, the combat feels perfect, and the enemy design is spectacular.

Nintendo Switch Games to Play in July 2021

July looks absolutely jam-packed with new titles coming to Nintendo Switch. Here's what's caught the eye of Geek to Geek's…

A 2021 Nintendo Direct Appeared!

A new Nintendo Direct dropped today! With new games, remasters, and new content coming soon- it looks like 2021 will…

Does Age of Calamity Earn Its Place?

This time last week, I didn't think Age of Calamity was a game that ought to exist. Now I'm less…

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