A 2021 Nintendo Direct Appeared!

Finally, a new Nintendo Direct dropped today. While it did not have new Breath of the Wild 2 information, it did have a lot of other exciting things to showcase! From a new character in Smash Brothers Ultimate to an exciting Mario Golf. It looks like 2021 will hold many fun Switch games for us all. Here’s the full video, or read on for a quick summary of what we saw.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Character!

Pyra in smash bros - a 2021 nintendo direct appeared!

Entering Super Smash Bros. Ultimate from the world of Xenoblade 2, we can look forward to a new character this March. You will be able to switch between the pair of characters, Pyra and Mythra. They will appear as part of the Fighters Pass Vol. 2 along with a new stage and music.

New Mario Golf!

Mario golf super rush! - a 2021 nintendo direct appeared!

For people like my brother and me, one of the biggest highlights of this direct was a new MARIO GOLF game! Yes, Mario Golf Super Rush is going to be releasing the end of June 2021. It appears to have some similarities to the 3DS game Mario Golf: World Tour. It will be able to be played with motion controls or controllers and offer story mode as well as speed golf.

New Games!!

There were a plethora of new games announced besides Golf however! Star Wars, DC, Miitopia, and more all showed up in this star studded event. Here’s a few:

Remakes, Remasters, and Re-releases

- a 2021 nintendo direct appeared!

As predicted (or asked for?) by our own Professor Beej, Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is going to be remastered in HD for the Switch! With this remaster they will include button controls as well as motion controls. Additionally, they are releasing new (gorgeous) joycons! All of this should be coming in mid July 2021

Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection and Bravely Default 2 each were shown again for this Nintendo Direct with new trailers shown.

Hades is getting a physical release due to its immense popularity. Ninja Gaiden will be releasing a new Master Collection this summer.  Additionally, Capcom is releasing a collection of their arcade classics. Capcom Arcade Stadium releases today and will include games such as 1943, Street Fighter 2, and the original Ghosts ‘n Goblins.

Games Being Brought to Switch!

- a 2021 nintendo direct appeared!

Along with new games, Nintendo announced a few games that are being brought to the Switch from other platforms. This includes games such as Fallguys (see our cover image!), Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, Tales from the Borderlands, and Apex Legends.

It’s all Awesome!

While yes, this Nintendo Direct may not have included everything we all dreamed of (I don’t think that’s even possible), they did a good job of getting us excited. There are a lot of fantastic games coming out in the next few months, and even more on the horizon. If you have a chance to watch the full 50 minute direct, we highly recommend you do so!

Oh, and did I mention Mario items in Animal Crossing New Horizons?!

Elinzia The Crafting Rogue

Elinzia The Crafting Rogue

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